Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye (28 June 2022) Written Update {MCKJ}

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At the beginning of the episode, Soumya requests that Sushma and Tara look after her. Armaan calls out to his mother. Sushma and Tara went to see him. They are taken aback when they see him laying on the ground with glass fragments pierced in his chest. She wants to know how this came to pass. He claims that Soumya arrived here, we argued, she became angry and shoved me, which caused me to fall onto the table, where I injured myself. Sushma assures you that your father will arrive and that everything will be all right. When Soumya finally gets home, she starts crying. Her parents were there to comfort her. Soumya gets to see her newborn children. She picks him up and cradles him. She adds that she will make a large person out of herself, and that no one will be able to cheat on her or steal her away from her. Armaan is mistreated by Harsh. Armaan claims that Soumya preferred for me to pass away rather than appear in court. According to Harsh, I was not expecting this from Soumya. Kashish recommends that we report this incident to the authorities. Armaan adds that this is not a good idea because Soumya is currently feeding the infants. Armaan is my son, according to Harsh, who introduced us. Armaan tells his father to back off since he has to get some rest right now and asks that he be allowed to leave so that he may do so alone. Everyone goes. Armaan inquires about the drug that Harsh is selling, which is illegal. He asks, “What do you need?” in a harsh tone. Armaan declares, “I want some medicine that causes a person to hallucinate, go violent, and look to be mentally sick.” Harsh responds by saying that it’s fine, you can have it, but why? Armaan is quoted as saying, “I need it for Soumya; I want to feed it to her before going to the court; I want my triumph; I want my babies.” Harsh tells Soumya that everything is alright, you will understand, and that Sushma may have phoned her up until now. Armaan says maybe not, stop her. No more harsh. According to Sushma, Soumya was really irate. Tara expects me to give her a call once. When I tried to call, Harsh grabbed the phone from me. Sushma says I don’t detest Armaan. He claims that you are siding with Soumya and that you will not leave Armaan’s side, but he has not received any phone calls from other people. They are given a warning. Armaan smiles looking on.

According to Soumya, Armaan does not have a history of losing, and since this is his first loss since I was awarded custody of the children, he is willing to try anything in order to succeed. Goldie thinks Veena is in our favour, so don’t worry. She warns us that we ought to exercise caution. He claims that I sent a spy to follow Armaan and Prisha after they left. She says okay. Prisha tells me that I have obtained what you desired. Armaan is the one who consumes the narcotics and then smuggles them into the food. It is your responsibility to see that Soumya consumes the laddoos, as he has instructed you. She says that everything is fine, but if she phones Sushma and verifies it first… He tells Harsh that he would take care of Sushma and wishes Harsh success in his profession.

Both Soumya and Malini are responsible for the care of the infants. The man claims that Sushma is the one who sent this package to Soumya. Malini and Soumya both look at the laddoos. However, Soumya claims that she did not share this information with me. According to Prisha, Soumya accepted the delivery. Armaan claims that he would make an announcement on our upcoming engagement on the same day that he wins this court fight. In all seriousness, she requests that you not bestow all of your joy on me at once. He predicts that Soumya will have a heart attack in the courtroom the following day. Her laughter may be heard. Soumya expects me to inform Sushma that I have obtained the laddoos. How are you doing right now, Harsh inquires? Armaan says better. The phones are given to Harsh. Armaan gets Sushma’s phone. He sends Soumya a message.

In response, Soumya says, “I got the laddoos and your blessings; from this point on, nobody can make me lose.” Armaan will tell you that you will not succeed and that your mother will not bless you with her blessings. Shilpi nibbles on a laddoo that she has in her hand. Soumya requests that you also give me one. They were about to consume the laddoos when Goldie appeared and stopped them. He instructs you to look in the box first. Malini inquires as to what the problem is. Soumya says Sushma has sent it. It was just brought to my attention that Prisha was holding this package when he mentioned that she was the sender.


Armaan claims that Soumya has bipolar disorder and that she is violent; thus, I would like to consult with several witnesses. He gives Sushma a call. Soumya is heard crying.

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