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At the beginning of the episode, Goldie reprimands Armaan. He claims that you have lied to him in both love and friendship; if you are going to lie to him in hostility, at least do it face to face. Soumya calls Shilpi. Shilpi told me that I am free now, that they found the kids, and that I did not do anything wrong. Prisha acknowledges that this is encouraging information; however, she is concerned about the whereabouts of the children. Shilpi says Armaan did. Prisha is confused and asks what is going on and how this is even possible. Harsh says Jahaan will be fine. Soumya wishes Jahaan a speedy recovery and mentions that Jashan is also present. The children want to speak to Armaan. We will be there for you as soon as Soumya tells us he is on his way. Jashan says no, we want dad. Harsh says that we need to call Armaan here because the children are under a lot of stress, the medications will only work if they eat something, and I’m not allowed to give them a higher dose because they need to get their mental health under control.
Soumya requests that Goldie acquire Armaan for the benefit of the children. He wonders how it’s possible, considering he’s committed a sin, is accused of many crimes, and has no chance of getting out on bail. She says that I want him here for my children’s sake. He thinks I’ll give it my best shot. She claims that you do not have any other options because I have already made a promise to the children that their father will come to meet them. He says that he will examine his options and report back. Soumya encourages the children to eat.
The children are stubborn. Sushma is quoted as saying, “I know you will soon win their hearts.” The children are cheered up by Soumya, and she also feeds them. She lulls them to sleep by herself. The news about Armaan is shown to the family on the television channel. Sushma is heard saying, “I can’t believe, Armaan can fall to such a low level.” Harsh asserts that it was my blunder. Sushma is of the opinion that he cannot be my son. She asks Soumya to take action against Armaan because he does not deserve to have a son or a father. Soumya says that she hopes her children will get to know their father.
Goldie appears and says that she has Armaan released on bail by citing the medical condition of the children; Armaan is in the room. Armaan comes home. Sushma slaps him. She tells me not to ever call her mom again because you have sunk to such a low level. He denies this and claims that Soumya coerced him into bending down. Soumya responds by saying “shame on you” and “you are blaming me,” adding that “the world knows about you now,” and “I got the bail done for the sake of kids.” He claims that his children have unconditional love for him. Oh, really, she exclaims, you’ve got them held captive now. He says that I planned to use that money to buy them happiness, and while I understand that you weren’t able to win their love, I vowed that I would never give them over to you. She says that you think I will let them go to you, that you think I will let them go to you after knowing this, that you stole all of my savings and everything that belonged to your parents, and that you are so self-centered. Armaan responds, “Yes, I had to kidnap my kids because of you; I wanted to take them with me; my kids stayed away from their mum because you left them; I had an affair because of your attitude; I put my ego aside and worked with you; you snatched three projects from me; I kidnapped them, but I got caught, but I still won, because my kids are still with me; kids want me; they love me, not their mean mom.” Children overhear his admission. They yell “no,” meaning “we do not love you.” Armaan has told me, “I love you very much.” They refer to him as a liar. According to Jashan, we heard everything, and you locked us in here. We will not stay with you, Jahaan, because you are a terrible father; instead, we will stay with our mummy, because she is our biological mother. Jahaan says that she fought for us and saved us. Soumya embraces them and begins to cry.
Armaan says listen to me. The children encourage him to leave. Soumya advises not to speak in such a disrespectful manner to older people. Armaan, she tells him to see, you have nothing left, a mother’s love has triumphed, and you are all by yourself as a result of your cheating. Sushma said, “I’m snatching your rights away, and from now on, Soumya will continue to be my daughter.” Harsh claims that I also revoke the rights of my son, Armaan, and tells him to leave and never return. Soumya is quoted as saying, “I can’t stay here because otherwise it will remind me of Armaan, I don’t want to keep my kids here because I want to raise them well, I promise, you will always be the kids’ Dada Dadi, I will get them and come to meet you, I want your blessings, and I can’t stay here.” I don’t want to keep my kids here because I want to raise them well. I don’t want to keep them here because I She and the kids are blessed by Sushma and Harsh. Soumya asks Harsh and Soumya to look after everything for her. She and her children will be leaving. Armaan looks on.
The show wraps up on a positive note.

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