Na Umar Ki Seema Ho[ 10th September 2022] Written Update

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Vidhi sobs while hugging Bimla after she finally makes it home. Bimla inquires about what took place. Vidhi claims that I went to Papa’s shop to inform him the result, and while I was there, I noticed him mopping the floor. Bimla tells her that her father had told her to calm down and asks her to do so. She claims that he recently lost his job but was keeping the news to himself and didn’t tell anyone else about it. She claims that he did not lose his nerve and spoke to Seth ji’s son, who then offered him this position as a result of their conversation. She claims that Dev Sir instilled courage in him, much the same way that he instilled courage in you to perform well on your exam. Seema asks didn’t you notify mom ji about your results. Vidhi has a firm grip on his hand. Bimla gives a slight nod of her head as an indication that she will not tell him. Vidhi tells him that today his wish has come true because the outcome of her graduation has arrived. You have succeeded, according to Hariprasad. Vidhi shows her agreement by nodding her head. Hariprasad embraces her and begins to show his emotions. He expresses his gratitude to Mata Rani and then inquires of Vidhi as to the cause of her tears. He claims that I became concerned. According to Bimla, these are tears of joy. Hariprasad told me that you have made me proud today and that you have realised my ambition; he said that you have done what I was unable to do. He claims that I have a sensation that I have finished my graduation requirements. Vidhi comes close to touching his feet. The phrase “daughters like you, get with Mannat” was spoken by Hariprasad. He says that he always prays for the protection of his family and that he is grateful to her for selecting him to become Vidhi’s father. He tells you that he is quite proud of you. Vidhi hugs him. Hariprasad has given her the task of creating something unique. Bimla says she has made. Seema sends Vidhi a card to express her congratulations. Vidhi is grateful to her. Hariprasad wonders if you told dev Saheb, since he has a significant contribution to make to your accomplishments. Seema claims that there are only two people living in the house, and their names are Dev Saheb and Mata Rani. She acts as though she is calling Vidhi and begs him to take the family in as foster parents. After that, she transfers the call to Vidhi. Vidhi retorts that this is not the case and afterwards recognises that she has been acting all along.Amba pays a visit to Dev’s residence and extends an invitation to the occupants for a housewarming party. She claims that it is the first function that has taken place since Chitra’s wedding and that they do not allow him the opportunity to reject. When Dev thinks back to the promise he made to Vidhi regarding the Sunday party, he informs Amba that he has a commitment. Amba tells him that Chitra will have a better experience if he arrives and asks him to adjust. Dev promises that he will try.Vidhi informs Hariprasad that she will be throwing a party for Dev Sir at Khao Gali, to which Hariprasad enthusiastically agrees. Hari Prasad mentions Dev Saheb in Khao Gali. Amba inquires as to what kinds of foods they have a preference towards. Priya suggests some straightforward fare for Mummy ji. Amba asks about Abhimanyu. Priya says Chinese or Italian. Abhimanyu says Mexican. Amba inquires about the option she selected. Priya claims that she has been here for so long that she has forgotten it and that she will reveal later. Amba says ok. She explains that while she is aware that Dev enjoys badam halwa, she is curious as to whether or not your preferences have shifted after such a long period of time. Abhimanyu promises that he will provide you a list containing the selections made by everyone. Amba has indicated that she will be leaving. Abhimanyu has stated that he will abandon her. Amba leaves.Satyavati explains to Dev that she was unable to reject, and she claims that they went to their daughter’s sasural to congratulate her on her godh bharayi, but that she was unable to say anything because Priya and Abhimanyu were happy. Priya arrives at the location, and she reminds Satyavati that she had previously requested that her parents bring certain items when Simmy was due to be born. According to Satyavati, your parents have acted in accordance with our traditions. She has gratitude for them. Priya is instructed by Dev to prepare the same items for transport to Chitra’s residence.Simar explains to Vidhi that in the past, wealthy people would eat their meals with a spoon and a fork, and then she requests that Vidhi bring some water from the house. Vidhi has said that she will write down what should be taken. The following day, Bimla makes the request to her. Okay, Vidhi says, I’ll get out of here. Seema encourages her to consider the possibility that she will be left by herself in Khao Gali in the event that dev Sir does not show up. Vidhi tells her that Dev Sir would soon arrive and asks her to choose which hand she will use.While Dev is driving his vehicle, he calls Manoj and asks him to drive him to Khao galli and park the car on the way there. Vidhi takes a peek around the store and finds a shirt she thinks Dev will appreciate. She observes Anaya while she waits for Dev to arrive at the location. Anaya explains that she arrived to the restaurant with her pals in order to eat. Vidhi claims that she has completed her graduation requirements and arrived here to celebrate. Anaya tells her to have fun before leaving the room. Seema places a call to Vidhi and inquires about the arrival of Dev sir. Urmila inquires as to who it is that she is conversing with. The call is terminated by Seema. Vidhi sees Dev approaching and is thrilled.


Vidhi gives Dev shirt as gift. Dev wears it. Vidhi thinks that this shirt complements your appearance quite well. They serve chaat, pani puri, corn, and variety of other foods. 
After that, they have some tea. When Dev is through, he uses his handkerchief to wipe her chin. Vidhi looks on.

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