Nima Denzongpa [17th August 2022] Written Update

Nima Denzongpa [17th August 2022] Written Update On

The question that Sunita has is, “What kind of joke is this?” It could very well be a little child. Nima claims that this is not correct. They have to go back inside. Nima claims that I shall dispose of it. Sunita is complimented on the delicious food that she prepared by another woman. Sunita claims that I enjoy engaging in this activity. Only Sujata and you are known to us. The lady claims that Sujata and her family are strange people. They don’t even allow outsiders into the residence. We steer clear of those people. When they arrived here, her husband was in a critical condition, but they refused to let anyone into their home.Nima does arti. Manav hears her bhajan. He is subjected to further flashbacks. Manav prays alongside of her. He looks at Nima. Nima sends up a prayer, hoping that she would locate Virat soon. Nima falls. Manav holds her. Manav has mentioned that your singing is quite good. Pandit Ji assures me that the solution to your problem will present itself very soon. They receive prasad from Pandit Ji. Manav has a cough here. He vomits. He receives some water from Nima. She gave him antihistamine because the prasad contained kesar. Nima claims you are allergic to kesar. Sujata asks how do you know? She mentioned that there are some persons who are allergic. Sujata advises her friends to keep their distance from him. He claims that she was merely trying to assist me. Put an end to constantly having doubts about her.Nima goes grocery shopping. The proprietor of the shop makes advances toward her. Nima yells right along with him. Sunita comes to Sarita. She hints that we could become friends. She claims you look like Sujata’s sister. Why, she asks, don’t you make any friends? Sarita claims Sujata doesn’t like me meeting people. Sunita says why? Where did we go wrong? You need to find some people to talk to. You can contact me whenever you like. Sujata inquires as to what it is that they are discussing. Sunita claims that I just arrived to meet her. Sujata claims that I do not appreciate neighbours who make themselves heard. Sunita says okay I will leave. Nima’s arrival at home is met with rage. When Sunita entered the room, she stated that Sujata never allows anyone to meet her mother. My departure was at her request. Nima says something is awry. The people in their neighbourhood are just as strange. She describes what the store owner did to her. Sunita suggests that I should instruct him in some manner. Nima says leave things be. Nima claims that, but I’m positive that Manav is really Virat.Manav asks, “Why do I feel such a strong tie and connection to Nima?” A girl said sir you here? What’s keeping you from coming into the office? He claims that I am a professional driver. Virat is mystified as to why they keep referring to me as the other person.In the third scene, Sujata is seen serving meals. Manav questions why you don’t prepare a wider variety of dishes in the kitchen. She inquires about the amount of money you possess. Manav is correct, according to Sarita. Tushar always agrees to eat the same monotonous cuisine. The dish is thrown out by Sujata. Sarita reveals what she thinks is wrong with her. When Sujata is angry, she destroys things. Manav advises Sujata to refrain from doing this. She claims that all of you were making fun of me. He claims that we weren’t doing that at the time. I was just going to say something else. I don’t feel like home here.Nima runs into the teddy bear once more inside the house. It appears that she is nervous. Sunita shares your feelings of dread. On the teddy, it says “Nima.” You tossed away my present, did you? I’ve got one more present for you. An individual walks in and asks for the audience’s forgiveness. The proprietor of the store has expressed regret. He has been defeated. He promises that he will smack me once more. I won’t be able to talk to you. He is leaving. Nima explains who is responsible for this. Sunita has informed me that someone is pursuing you. Sunita has a lot of anxiety.


In summary, Nima is currently resting. She notices that someone is standing in front of her with their face hidden. The man greets Nima, and Nima responds by asking him what he needs. In response, Nima hears him remark, “I want you.”

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