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Sujata wipes down the plates and says, “I’m not mad with you.” She claims that what took place is that? He says leave me alone. He apologises and asks if there is a problem with it. She claims I am not mad. I am smiling see. According to him, a woman approached me and addressed me as sir to. What might possibly be causing this? She claims that there are other people with very similar facial features. You’re my Manav. He claims that I can’t recall anything from the time before this. Can you show me?> She claims that our home was destroyed by fire. There was complete destruction there.Nima encourages Sunita to relax and not be concerned. When she hears the knock on the door, Sunita becomes anxious. Nima opens the door. There are children, and they have requested donations for the puja from Nima. They receive money from Nima. The youngsters get happy. Manav gives his clothing a good press. Sujata asks why you are acting in this manner. He claims that I enjoy dressing nicely most of the time. She thinks of you as a heroic figure. You belong to me and only me. He claims that I don’t have anyone in my life. She gets relatively close to him. He asks, “What exactly are you up to?” She claims that it is my entitlement. Nima is asleep. Someone puts a feather to her face and strokes her. Nima gets afraid. There is a man in that location who is wearing a mask. Nima lets out a scream. He says your aai is asleep. The next day, she will get out of bed. You have such a lovely appearance. Nima tries to run. What are you looking for, she asks you. He says you. Nima tries to run.The hunt for candles continues for Virat. Candles are something we will require, according to him; let me to fetch those now. He leaves. Sarita shouts and claims that she has fallen. Nima lets out a scream. Sunita makes an effort to stand up. The man states that you will carry out my commands. Nima gives him a shove and then runs away. She comes upon Manav and approaches him for assistance. The guy is on the run. Manav runs after him. He seizes the man and demands to know who the man is. The other person pushes him and then goes away. Manav knew it was Tushar, but he couldn’t make out the other man’s face. Nima asks Manav are you okay? It sounds like your hand is bleeding, she says. Are you okay? She wraps her dupatta around his hand and binds it. He assures me that there is no need for alarm. According to him, the man ran. Nima promises that he won’t act in this manner again. Manav says I hope you’re okay. I know that you miss your hubby just as much as I do. I really hope that you find him very soon. I am aware that your husband is not present, but please do not hesitate to get in touch with me should you require anything. I will take care of it. Nima says thank you. He claims that I was unaware that I had an allergy to kesar. Your medicine was important in my recovery. Nima suggests that it’s possible you knew but simply forgot it. Sujata comes. According to Sujata, this is the candle you wanted to buy. According to him, someone went to Nima’s house. She questions why you feel the need to act like a hero in every situation. He claims that it is for a woman’s own protection. That behaviour from all of the neighbours is something I would anticipate. Sujata asks, “What are you holding in your hand?”The pain is bad in Tushar’s back. He claims that your spouse punched me in the face. This is a favour I’ve done for you. I don’t like Nima. It was because of you that I was struck. I was acting in this manner in order to prevent Manav from speaking to her. Sujata inquires as to what the next step should be. He advises me to terrify her to the point that she escapes. But there’s a chance we’ll get caught.Sunita wakes up. Her head is killing her. Nima asks are you okay? She claims that my head is hurting. Were you yelling at all? It seemed to be a dream to me. Nima suggests that it might have all been a dream. It is confirmed by her. Sunita says my heart is sinking. According to Nima, we ought to visit a physician. It appears that you are ill. Let’s go. Sujata pulls her clothes out of her bag. There are a lot of ID cards lost. She is aware of them and decides to conceal them. Manav comes. She loses her cool. A welt appears on Tushar’s back, which Manav notices. Sujata makes an attempt to conceal the playing cards. Manav has come to the conclusion that it was he the night before. Is this tank top yours, as Manad inquires to me? He is exhausted but still confirms that it is his. Manav inquires about your whereabouts from the previous evening. According to Tushar, with my friends. He goes to Sujata in rage. Sujata takes a seat on the deck of cards and acts as though she is meditating. Manav inquired as to the whereabouts of your brother the previous evening.


In the preface, Nima is seen pleading to God and saying, “All I ask is for my Viratji to be returned to me.” Manav joins her in praying. Nima slips, Manav prevents her from falling.

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