Nima Denzongpa [22th August 2022] Written Update

Nima Denzongpa 22th August 2022 Written Update on


Pandit ji invites Nima to sing bhajan. Nima sings. Manav sees flashbacks. Sujata looks at him. Why do I feel so strange, Manav wants to know. Every woman does the arti in a sequential order. Together with Manav, Sujata practises arti. He provides arti to Nima. When the candle begins to burn out, they work together to save it. Tushar informs Sujata that everything is in its final state. A woman addresses the group and suggests that they play rab ne bana di jodi. She claims that all married couples participate in it, and that if they are successful, they will receive God’s blessing. We blindfold the husband before handing him the bangle, and it is his responsibility to ensure that his wife wears it. Sujata has told me that I should stand in that particular corner. A woman advises you not to commit adultery.All men are blindfolded. They speculate about who their wives might be. Manav comes. He grabs Nima’s hand as he walks past Sujata while talking to Nima. The memory of him gifting her perfume comes to him in flashbacks. Sujata is moving in the direction of him. A woman intervenes and tells her that she cannot proceed forward him. Nima is required to wear the bangle because of Manav. Sujata is angry. Manav pulls off the blindfold that he was wearing. Sujata says Manav what did you do.. He claims that I had my eyes closed. A woman claims that it was all just a game. Stop making a mess.The beginning of the dance competition. According to Sarita, I shall start the dance. I am going to compete against Sumita. Sunita says why? Are you afraid, as Sarita claims? Sunita claims that she does not have any irrational fears. Sunita and Sarita dance. Sarti falls. Sujata is the one holding her. The man instructs the couple to dance now. All couples dance. Nima stares at Manav dancing with Sujata. According to Nima, he is performing the same identical motions as Virat. Nima is brought out onto the dance floor by a woman. Sunita says I am very delighted to see you happy. Nima looks at Manav. Sujata joins him in the dance. Manav approaches near Nima. Sujata is the one who stands between them. The attempts of Tushar and his son to dance with Nima are seen. They have her taken captive.Nima’s eyes are covered, and she is restrained in some way. Nima says assistance.. She takes in her surroundings. Sunita glances all around, but she can’t find Nima. Nima is the target of her search. Nima polls each and every person. People believe that she went back to her house. Sunita claims that I possess the keys. SUnita is expressing concern. She looks in all the places. Manav stops Sujata. He inquires of Sunita as to what took transpired. She claims that Nima can be found nowhere. Manav invites you to come with him so that you can gaze together. Tushar inquires of Sujata regarding the next step to take. Sunita appears to be searching everywhere. Nima tries to make noise.


Nima has been taken captive, to recap. Sujata reveals to her brother that Manav went to the police station, and she instructs him to carry out her instructions before Manav learns the truth. After applying makeup on his face, Manav approaches Nima and asks, “Why did you come back?” And at this point, I don’t have another option.

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