Nima Denzongpa [24th August 2022] Written Update

Nima Denzongpa 24th August 2022 Written Update on

Nima claims that I was unable to see his face. Manav says did he mention anything? According to her, he questioned why you stayed in this location and asked him why. Manav asks each and every one of them to recite it. Nima is unfamiliar with each and every one of them. Tushar expresses it in a different manner. Nima claims that I am not capable of competing. Manav instructs you to recall everything else that comes to mind. Nima claims that I scratched him across the face. I have no doubt that he has some bruises. Manav offers them water and instructs them to wash their faces before he leaves. Tushar is in motion. Manav chases after him and grabs him. It is said that Nima should carry water. He splashes water on his face multiple times. It is indeed Tushar. Everyone is taken aback by this. In addition, he has scars on his face. Manav says how dare you. It’s hard for me to think that my own brother-in-law is capable of anything like this. Even back then, I should not have put my faith in you. He advises Sujata, “Look at what your brother has done.”Sujata smacks Tushar. She says why did you do it? It is due of you, he says. Sujata is experiencing fear. What exactly does she mean by that? Tushar claims that you are concerned ever since this woman arrived at this location. She is attempting to seduce your husband in some way. Who among brothers would like watching his sister through such distress? Nima claims that he attempted to take my life. Sujata claims that you are ignorant about your siblings and other family members. You are solely familiar with escaping the premises. He went to such lengths in order to rescue my marriage. You all taunt me. And Nima is attempting to ensnare my spouse in her net. She prepares meals for my husband, she sits in my car while he drives, and she flirts with him. Will I still feel fear? She lacks any distinct personality. You ought to all be apprehensive around her. Manav says enough Sujata.Sujata says what do you want? Why are you trying to get my friend Manav? Because, according to Nima, Virat is my long-lost husband. Sujata is taken aback by this. She asks, “Have you completely lost your mind?” That is not Virat at all. Nima claims that he is my Virat, and the reason I came here is so that I may refresh his memory of our previous life together, which he has forgotten. Sujata says he’s my husband. We are celebrating ten years of marriage this year. Nima shows Virat the photographs she took of them. Nima reveals to her some photographs that she has taken of Krish and the rest of the family. Virat is having memories resurface. Please make an effort to recall, as instructed by Nima. You are my Virat Sethi, my dear Virat. Sunita says Nima is right. You are successful in business and have a sizable home. Why do you choose to make this your home? Manav recalled that everyone, no matter where they were, called him Virat.Sujata visits her at her residence. She starts taking stuff out of the bag while saying, “I knew this day would come.” You can now see what it is that I do. Nima says that when she first saw you, she thought you were Virat or someone who looked like him, but then she realised that you spoke just like her Virat Ji. You went to Virat’s place, and then you passed out there. I was the one who drove you to the emergency room. I was aware of your sensitivity to kesar. You are unable to speak Marathi, but you are fluent in English, right? How? I am not devoid of personality. I witnessed him interacting with another woman, and after that I set out to uncover the facts. Sujata appears and utters the phrase “enough.” What do you want to show? You fooled us all with the bogus photo, and now he’s supposed to be your husband? She displays photographs taken at their wedding with Manav. Additionally, she demonstrates them to Sunita. Both Nima and Sunita are taken aback. According to Sujata, what took place? Manav asks why it is that you haven’t shown the photographs to me before. She claims that I had the feeling that I needed duplicate images. I inquired about relatives, and here is your identification card. Take note of the name. You are known by the name Manav Deshmukh. She claims that our marriage has been going strong for ten years. Don’t even bother to make an attempt to come between us. She claims that this is sufficient for me. Everyone should get back home. Nima just stands there in disbelief. Sujata says leave now. She walks away from Manav while holding his hand. Manav looks at Nima. He appears to be muddled.


A quick recap: Nima demonstrates some images to Aai and says, “This is photoshopped; notice, there are two ears on one side; and we will require confirmation of this.” Aai wonders what the next step will be to obtain it. It is not feasible to enter Sujata’s home at this time. Nima reveals to her that they will travel cloaked to their destination. Nima and Aai go to the scene disguised as municipal workers and declare that they are coming for a swab test. Nima collects a swab and some hair from Manav.

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