Nima Denzongpa [25th August 2022] Written Update

Nima Denzongpa 25th August 2022 Written Update on

The pooja is now being performed. Nima claims that I am hopeless every single day. I am unable to continue in this manner. The photographs have fallen. Nima visits her at her residence. Manav is someone who contemplates things. He gives his opinion on what is right and what is wrong. It’s beyond my comprehension. I feel like something isn’t right. Sujata comes. She chuckles and then comments that Nima is really insane. You are far too kind to me. I adore you a lot. Sujata tells her companions, “I know you believe I often get furious, but I want to defend our small world.” You are very important to me, and I don’t want anyone else to take it away from you. Nima takes a glance at the picture. Something catches her attention. She observes that Manav appears to have two ears on one side of the photograph. She corrected him about another person. Sunita gets to see it thanks to Nima. Sunita asks, “What is she looking for?” Nima insists that we have to show that she is wrong. I need concrete proof. Nima phones someone. Sunita asks why we can’t just get his DNA tested already. Nima insists that we work out a game planNima is in charge of the nightly temple cleaning. There will be Manav there. Nima asks, “What exactly are you doing in this room?” He asserts that he came in order to clean the temple. The mess was caused by our people. I am relieved that you are not like those other people. Nima says I am sorry. It was extremely important to me not to cause harm to a female. He claims that I have no recollection of who I am. I see countless flashbacks but nothing is clear. Nima tells you not to be concerned. All these worries would go away. Nima, you should be ashamed of yourself; you’re flirting with a married man in front of everyone again, says the woman. According to Manav, you are having this conversation with a male in front of everyone else. Do it like her how she talks to Pandey Ji alone. The female voice tells him to be quiet. He says we are talking here because there‚Äôs nothing between us. Nima claims that I am unable to convince her of anything.Tushar is upset with Sujata since she hit him with a slap. She claims that she rescued you as well and that the fact that you helped your sister makes you a hero. He claims that we do not have any family. I cannot stand having a sister like you any longer. He storms off in a rage. The arrival of Manav According to Manav, your brother does not feel any guilt, and she was becoming angry with you? Sujaya assures me that she will communicate with him, so you need not worry. Manav tells him that he ought to be thankful that he is not currently incarcerated.As part of a medical team, Nima and Sunita travel to Sujata’s residence. She claims that the purpose of our visit is to test for a viral sample. According to Sujata, nobody is ill in this place. She has a hacking cough. Sunita claims that she will file a complaint with the authorities. They are halted by Sujata. They collect the samples they need. They are asked to leave by Sujata. Nima inquires as to the whereabouts of your hubby. She claims that he is currently taking a shower. Manav comes out. They have stated that they will also take his sample. According to Manav, I need to get going. Nima thinks you can save lives. Manav agrees. Nima takes his sample. Sujata stops her. She questions what it is that you are doing. The remaining ones were handled by the other woman. According to Nima, we are both trained professionals. Nima takes his sample and takes his hair also. They are leaving.

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