Nima Denzongpa [30th August 2022] Written Update

Nima Denzongpa 30th August 2022 Written Update on

Tushar opens the door by breaking it. Nima knocks on the door and asks, “May I come in?” Come on in, according to Sarita. Since Nima informed me that we are going to depart from this location, I figured it was time for me to talk to you all. Sujata sats depart now. Nima asked if it would be possible for me to meet Manav. Sujata says he’s not home. Go now. Tushar makes an effort to force his way through the door. They have arrived. Manav is not conscious at this time. According to Sarita, he is still alive. I thanked God that my assumption about Sujata was correct. I mean. What exactly is that odour? Tushar laughs. He claims that he’s been drinking. I discovered my partner. Sujata says my Manav doesn’t drink. Tushar claims that he is not Manav, yet this someone may drink. Sarita takes Sujata out. Manav was able to listen in on everything. He then went on to mend everything while pretending that he had passed out. He applied some alcohol on himself in the form of a spray.Nima confides in Sunita that she was not permitted to talk to Manav. These individuals are extremely peculiar. I have a very unsettled feeling. They were planning something sneaky. According to Sunita, these are some pretty dubious individuals. The two sob together as Nima embraces her. Nima makes sure to bring everything. She receives a phone call. It is indeed Manav. It’s me, Manav, he tells Nima, he says. No, I am Virat. According to him, Sujata altered the reports. She is extremely psychotic and perhaps harmful. Nima questions how you could possibly know all of this. He instructed me to meet him down on the ground today. I will be completely transparent with you. Your Virat can’t wait to finally put a face to the name. When Sujata arrives, he acts as though he is asleep. Sujata advises you to get up and eat right away.Nima removes everything from the bags and places it on the table. What are you doing, says Sunita to you. Nima says Manav is Virat. The report was revised by Sujata. I received a call from Virat who requested that we meet at the ground temple. Sunita states that she worries about your safety. According to Nima, Virat is here with me. Don’t be concerned.Scene 2 Sujata falls asleep. Virat sneaks out. He pulls out his own phone. Sujata opens her eyes. Nima starts getting ready. She says that I am so excited to finally see my Virat Ji. Sunita advises that you maintain contact with me. According to Nima, Virat sent me a text. Sujata is keeping an eye on him. In one hour, he is going to come and meet me at the bus stop. Sunita suggests that we hold off until then. Virat is patiently waiting for Nima. It is there that she goes. Virat gently strokes her cheek. He claims that my soul always knew you were meant to be mine. No more questions. I will always be yours to possess. Nima hugs him. An elderly lady with her face concealed hacks violently. Virat was imagining. He calls out, “Nima, where have you been?” Virat inquires to the woman on her well-being. When Sujata confronted him, she struck him in the head. Virat passes out and starts bleeding from the head.Nima leaves. Virat is dragged by Sujata back to her. Nima prays for Virat. She goes to the temple to give thanks to God for bringing them back together. Sujata says how od I drag him. She places him atop a shopping cart. Nima travels to the location. Sujata conceals herself, and she also conceals Virat. Nima says do you need any help? It’s such a huge burden. Nima assists her in pulling the cart because she believes she is an elderly lady. Sujata wants her to go. Nima will wait for virat at that location.


Virat is restrained by Sujata, who tells him, “Like other men, it’s your time to depart,” adding, “You know I always keep some memento; I know you have seen it in my trunk, and I will keep your heart.” Sujata intends to preserve Virat’s heart as a souvenir.Nima runs into Tushar, who warns her to keep her distance from Sujata because the latter poses a threat before he leaves.

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