Nima Denzongpa [31th August 2022] Written Update

Nima Denzongpa 31th August 2022 Written Update on


Sujata awakens Tushar and Sarita up. Sujata has informed us that the time has come for us to depart. Sarita says what again? She insists that we must remain hidden and secure the door from the outside. We shall keep Manav buried inside. Tushar has informed you that I will not be participating in it. Sujata has told me that I am not in need of you either. He tells Sarita that her daughter is some kind of wild animal. Nima is patiently waiting for Virat. She inquires as to his whereabouts. Sujata ties Virat. Nima worries that Virat is in some kind of danger. After receiving the bump on his head, Virat is able to recall all of his flashbacks in detail. His recollection returns to him. Virat assures me that I will not give up. Nima hasn’t stopped calling her. Nima is approached by a cyclist who asks her if she would want to travel with him. She says did I ask you?? How could you possibly harass any woman in this manner? Proceed from this point onward. He is leaving. Virat hears his phone ringing but he can’t answer it because he’s bound.Sujata claims that I won’t allow her to communicate with you. According to her, there are two categories of males. One who has a deep and abiding love for their spouses. Some people use women like they would use buses or taxis, and then discard them whenever it suits them. I always had horrible men in my life. They’d make my heart break, and I’d start to wonder if there was anything wrong with me. Then I came to the conclusion that the issue was with them. Permit me to share a story with you. When I was 17, I opened up Mangesh’s skull like a coconut by hitting him in the head. She chuckles as his blood sprays everywhere in the room. She states that at that time… at that time I was really terrified. I’d get the shivers. I used to wonder what it was that I had done that was such a grave transgression. After that, I began to appreciate it. The man who caused me so much pain was no longer around. After that, I came to really enjoy it. After that, a large number of men, including Mangesh, arrived, and I defeated everybody who attempted to harm me. You must be wondering why it is that I am telling you this. Why would I try to conceal anything from you? Have you verified that everything is in order? I am nuts. I am constantly aware of what is going on in my surroundings.Sujata claims that you left the lock unlocked on my trunk when you touched it. You are dumb. You talked to Nima and had the intention of leaving. Prior to you, every man did the same thing. Her laughter may be heard. Because she claims that you are the same, I decided to do the same thing. I was able to send a message to Nima from your phone, but I directed her to the incorrect location, so I came here to see you instead. You managed to disrupt everything that was going so well. I offered you all of my love. Every man who came before you was not as pleasant as you are. You were ill when I found you, so I helped you. I could not help but fall for you. It dawned on me that you had no memory. I felt like God sent you to me. Even though it wasn’t easy for me, things started to get back to normal, and then Nima entered all of our lives. I used to store a remembrance of each man in my trunk, such as a hand or a limb that belonged to another person. I shall retain your heart in my possession. Just try to imagine that it will remain with me long after you have passed away. I had the impression that we would be together for all of eternity. Aren’t we the perfect people? However, you have to leave the next day.Tushar and Sarita finish putting their belongings away. He insists that we must get moving before she arrives. He requests that she close and lock the door. Sujata comes in. She claims that I instructed both of you to act as though we are not present and that you are in fact packing our belongings. Tushar informed me that we are about to leave. We can no longer take any more. For such a long time, we have covered up your wrongdoings. We are unable to take part in this activity. I could be good, but unlike you, I don’t slaughter innocent people. I was extremely youthful once, but those days are long gone. You are nuts. It has been suggested by Sarita that I accompany Tushar. Sujata advises that you move out and spend the rest of your life by yourself. Tushar claims that you will be living by yourself. Your own mother does not wish to spend time with you at all. They are leaving.Nima calls Sunita. She claims that he has turned off his phone. I really hope that he’s okay. Sunita has instructed us to return home, after which we will discuss our options. Nima witnesses Tushar and Sarita exiting the building. She inquires as to where Manav is located. I’m not sure, according to Tushar. Nima asks, “Could you kindly tell me where Manav and Sujata are?” He advises us to keep our distance from that woman. She’s off her rocker. She poses a significant threat. Nima is concerned about Virat’s well-being.


Virat is given some Momos by Sujata, who tells him to consume it because his time is limited and he is about to pass away. Nima moves the table after hearing a voice and notices that Sujata has tied Virat across the room. Virat sees Nima, Nima requests him to keep silent.

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