Nima Denzongpa [ 3rd September 2022] Written Update

Nima Denzongpa 3rd September 2022 Written Update on

Please say no, says Nima. When will you understand, asks Sujata? Nima requests that you release Virat. He is Manav, claims Sujata. Now, you will also pass away. Don’t dare to touch Nima, warns Virat. Sujata claims that he will continue to love you even if I kill you. Virat can be killed by me. You will be in constant tears. Virat is cut by Sujata. When Nima gets in the way, she is stabbed. After standing up, Nima slaps her. How dare you, she exclaims. The police and Sunita enter the room. They detain Sujata. Nima swoons. Nima swoons. She is brought to a hospital. Concerned about her are Virat and Sunita. We need to take your statement, the inspector says. Virat explains everything to them. In all of this, he claims Nima was stabbed. He claims that Nima has helped many people. A sought serial killer is Sujata. Praying for Nima are Sunita and Virat. The surgeons inform them the procedure was successful. They dash over to Nima. Are you okay, asks Virat? Are you okay, she asks? You are always there for me, he claims. The dark times, according to Sunita, are ended. A serial killer, Sujata. She has killed a lot of men. Your Virat was there when you had her arrested. I want a regular life with you, Virat declares. Go back to your life and home, advises Sunita. I’ll say a prayer for you two. Why don’t you accompany us, asks Virat? I don’t want to be a burden, she says. You are my strength, says Nima. As per Virat, I am your son.Virat and Nima return home. Sunita performs their rites. Nima expresses excitement for meeting everyone and Krish. Virat says to enter. When Virat chooses Nima, they enter. They enter their chamber now. Kissing Nima is Virat. You’ve had too much fun, someone says when they phone Nima. It is now time for a mediator to step in. Who are you right now, Nima asks? Maniya, she responds. Sia is expecting. Nima is overjoyed. Maniya promises to give you a call from the clinic. Nima embraces Virat. I’m very happy, Nima declares. I arrived in Mumbai when I was so young. So much took place. You returned to my life and poured so much love into it. We have overcome a lot, and we are once more united. I appreciate you being there. I’m no longer required to run. I’m at ease.

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