Nima Denzongpa [ 5th September 2022] Written Update

Nima Denzongpa 5th September 2022 Written Update on

They all have a good time. Nimma claims that she has no idea where Virat is. According to Suresh, we are getting close. Let’s zero in on Alok for a moment. Sunita is confident that you will emerge victorious. Nima says let’s go. A checkup is being done by the doctor. He claims that you are under a lot of stress. To help you relax and get some rest, I’ve got some sleeping tablets here. The ghost makes Alok scream. According to the physician, there is no ghost in this building. Suresh claims that he began once more. According to Alok, she will give it to me. He then administers a tranquillizer to Alok, which causes him to fall asleep. He has instructed us to do a neuro checkup on him. Nima asks if my brother and I are going to be okay. He has responded positively. Suresh claims that he refers to his sister as ghost. Suresh waves him off as he leaves. Nima laughs.Tulika gives Alok soup. He looks up information on the internet to see if ghosts are real. According to what Alok reads, ghosts are real if the dead body is present, and they will haunt you if you have wronged them in any way. But if the body isn’t there, it signifies that the person telling you the story is trying to trick you. Sunita appears in this form as an elderly woman. She says I am starving. Bring me some food. Tulika says come in. Alok asks how it is that she may enter. Tulika claims she’s a poor lady. He claims that this place is not a hotel. Sunita says you criminal. Alok says go out. Sunita has threatened to take your life. She gestures toward Nima’s reflection in the mirror. Alok lets out a scream. He asks if you are able to see her. It is confirmed by her. Both Tulika and Suresh have stated that they do not see anyone. Alok, you should thank God that somebody else is also seeing her. Sunita has threatened to take your life. Sunita leaves.At night, Alok digs Nima’s grave. He claims that now I will know whether she is trying to trick me or not. He sees skeleton there. According to him, this demonstrates that she is in fact a ghost. Wow, Nima, Suresh exclaims, and thank goodness you kept it here. Suresh suggests that the two of us leave first and head home. tulika asks Alo where were you? He claims that the spirit will end my life. Suresh has instructed you to have courage. I can’t bear to see you in this state. Tulika says Mohan ji do you believe in ghosts? He says but Alok doesn’t believe in it. Please lend a hand, according to Alok. Suresh claims that the elderly lady can be of use to you. I have no doubt in my mind that she was aware of all of this. People who are like her could be of use to us, but you forced her out. Please look for her, as instructed by Alok. Tulika asks, “Where are we going to look for her?” Suresh has assured me that I will locate her.Sunita is brought inside by Suresh. Alok apologises. He asks that you pardon me, thank you. I shall carry out your instructions. Tulika pleads please help him. Because you’ve asked for her assistance, Sunita replies, “Yes, I will help.” You were providing me with nourishment. She tells Alok to do what she tells you to do. She is quite irate. She is bent on getting her payback. We have to make her weak. According to Sunita, we have to perform the pooja in a location that was either the site of her birth or the location of her wedding. Alok claims that he is aware of the location of her wedding. She provides them with the information that she will require. Do as she tells you to do, she says. The ghost will appear without human intervention.

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