Nima Denzongpa [ 6th September 2022] Written Update

Nima Denzongpa 6th September 2022 Written Update on

He admits to her that he shouldn’t have sneaked around Nima to develop his love for her and shares this information with her. When she hears that, Sujatha feels quite excited. She goes on to claim that he isn’t saying this from the goodness of his heart but rather out of fear. Virat contradicts her and says that she is mistaken. Sunita believes that Nima made a demand on her not to seek assistance from the police by contacting them. It will be difficult for her to maintain her composure in this situation. To assist her child, Sunita made the decision to get in touch with the authorities.In the meantime, Virat apologises to Sujatha for the fact that he did not pay any attention to her sentiments. It was irresponsible of him to disregard her feelings and to disregard the fact that she loved him. He continues to chat with her in an effort to distract her. Nima goes inside and immediately grabs a piece of wood in her hand. Virat gives her the assurance that he won’t betray her and that he would continue to live with her. Sujatha asks him Is he speaking from the depths of his soul? He tells her a falsehood and she accepts it. Sujatha is aware that Nima is approaching from behind her. She became aware of the situation and put the knife to Virat’s neck. Nima begs Sujatha to abandon her relationship with Virat. Sujatha reveals to her that the man in question is not Virat but rather Manav.Sujatha confronts Nima with the question of why she is always following her around. Does she believe that she will be able to protect him from her or that she will be able to run away from her? Sujatha is asked by Virat to abandon her. Nima implores her not to do anything harmful to Virat. Sujatha promises Nima that if she takes Nima’s life, she will no longer exist in his thoughts. If she kills Virat, there will be no more beating in his heart. Without him, Nima will not survive. Today is the day that she will finish the two of them.Virat is about to be stabbed by Sujatha when Nima intervenes. She gives Nima the wrong impression. Nima puts her hands around her neck and demands to know how she could dare to hurt her Virat. Sunita ensures that the police arrive on time. There, Sujatha was taken into custody by the police. Later, Sunita admitted Nima in hospital. Virar is concerned about Nima’s well-being. When the police arrived, they questioned him about what had actually transpired. Virat fills him in on everything that’s going on. Sunita prays god to save Nima.Virat draws ever-closer to god. He informs Ganesh papa that he did not bring the necessary ant pooja items in order to perform the puja. He reasons that Nima should be spared by God because she has worshipped him without seeking anything in return from him. He begs God to spare the life of his wife. If he is adamant about anything, he will continue to be adamant about it. He committed to maintaining his balance on one leg till Nima’s recovery.After some time has passed, Sunita tells Virat that God has heard his prayers. Nima slowly opened both of her eyes. Virat has concluded his time in prayer. Nima turns to Virat and asks, “Is he okay?” He is upset that she is conscious now, but he is surprised that she is asking about him. Virat tells her that he wants to live a regular life with her, free from any turmoil, and that’s what he wants. Sunita tells them that they won’t have to worry about anyone disturbing them again because the cops detained Sujatha. Multiple people were slain by her. The authorities referred to her as a serial killer.Sunita wishes for everyone to have a happy life because she will soon be moving in with Suresh. Virat has insisted that she continue to live with them. Even Nima is of the same opinion. After some time has passed, Sunita invites Nima into her home. She is brought in by Virat, who is carrying her. Both parties attempt to develop romantic feelings for the other. Nima receives a phone call from her daughter, who tells her that Sia is expecting a child. Nima expresses her joy by giving Virat a hug. Nima opens up to Virat about her history and expresses her gratitude to him for making her life so fulfilling. She goes back to her own residence. Both parties look at one another with adoration in their eyes.

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