Nima Denzongpa [ 7th September 2022] Written Update

Nima Denzongpa 7th September 2022 Written Update on

Nima is heard crying when she is in the shower. She tells me that I can’t be a coward. It is imperative that I learn the facts and locate Virat. In front of Roy, Nima puts on a normal appearance. Many places a call to Nima and informs her that flight reservations have been made for the following day. Let’s go to Sunita’s house for dinner tonight. Let me inform Virat too. Nima thinks that I should inform him myself. Don’t be concerned. She says okay you talk to him. She relays the information to Virat that Maniya would want to drink. He says who Maniya? Nima says, my daughter. He says I was joking. He had a conversation with Maniya. Tonight, according to Maniya, we will eat dinner in the basti house. You’ve to come. He informed me that I have a lot of work to do. According to Maniya, we are going to fly to London. He thinks I will give it a shot. He tells Nima that he is unable to go. I’ve important work. Nima responds, “I understand, but it shocks me that job has become more important to you than your family at any point in time.” He claims that you always deliver speeches. Nima is correct, according to Alok. What exactly is your problem? You feel like a stranger. I am aware of the struggles you have gone through, but my brother has always put his family first. Roy says okay I will go. Alok says good. Nima asks how she can explain to him that he is not Virat.Sunita gives Suresh a call and tells him that Suresh has left. I had a firm approach with him. He is planning to arrive at your location by tonight. Maintain his busy schedule with employment. Please let me know when Varun arrives. Bell rings. Chinkey can be found outside. Sunita says you. She claims that Varun is not responding to her. Could I have a word with him? Sunita claims that you had no business being here in the first place. Your mother is going to have a fit. You were misled by Varun, so why did you come to this place? Chinkey claims to be my closest companion. Nobody else cared about me as much as he did. I am aware that he lied, and although I was angry, I am also aware that I have committed numerous errors. I need to see my friend. Sunita says it’s too late. You need to head home as well.Priyal asks Roy how he can go there. Roy doesn’t know. You said you love me. HE claims that I am being coerced into leaving. If I don’t, the truth about me will be out. What kind of truth does she speak? He is telling you that he loves you. He gives her a hug. Mona is taken aback by it. Nima comes out. She is diverted by MOna. Nima and Roy will be departing. She claims that you have never listened to tunes like that before. Malik calls. He hangs up on the call. Nima claims that he is a significant customer; pick it. He says, “Don’t tell me what to do; I’ll pick when it’s convenient for me.” He leaves his phone behind in the vehicle. Nima takes Malik’s number. Roy makes his way back to the house to get his phone. Nima says she is sorry and acknowledges that she shouldn’t have interfered. The question that Virat poses is, “What type of place is this?” She questions whether or not you have ever been to this location before. Sunita inquires of Virat, “Chilli drink?” You’re talking about a cool drink, but he just said it’s time for a strong drink. What gives? Sunita says we don’t drink here. Nima asks, “Where on earth did Varun get to?” It has a hollow feeling now that he is gone. Nima inquires of Sunita as to whether or not he left because of her. Sunita recommends that he spend more time with Suresh so that he can pick up some new skills. She inquires of Nima, “How are you doing?” Always keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. We give thanks that Virat is by your side. According to Nima, Virat is here with me. Don’t be concerned.Mona says to Virat It’s hard for me to think that Virat could ever love someone like you. Priyal advises don’t jinx. Mona says what’s going on. Paras confronts Virat with the question of why he is selling his successful company. Roy asks, “Are you completely insane?” Is there a location where we can talk about work? He chuckles and then continues, “I mean, right? We should be having fun.” Dinner? Sia says let me serve. Nima beseeches God to enlighten her and show her the way. She reveals the identity of that Malik. Maniya asks Nima what ar eyou hiding? There’s something going on here. Nima chases after Malik after the piece of paper with his phone number falls out of her palm and becomes lodged in a bike. Maniya asks what is going on? Nima says nothing. I had the idea of giving you a present. Maniya claims that Virat is behaving in an odd manner. He is selling his company, right? Nima is taken aback by this. Maniya says you didn’t know? There is a problem here. Nima maintains that it is unnecessary to have a conversation about business with his wife. According to Maniya, Virat used to talk about everything and everything with you. Nima tells you not to be concerned. Maniya has sworn in the name of God that everything is in order. According to Nima, everything is in order; have faith in your mother. She gives her a hug.According to Virat, the atmosphere of the place was terrible, but the food was delicious. Nima has told me that I need to discover the truth before he sells the company. Sunita implores them to remain there. According to Virat, I have work to do. I am not going to have his level of poverty. Nima says let’s take a selfie. She asks Virat for his phone and he gives it to her. He said let me take it. He gets a picture of himself with each and every person. Nima and Roy are currently en route. She is perplexed as to how she may acquire the number. She puts on a show as if she isn’t feeling well. She claims that I want some water. She acts as if she is about to throw up on herself. He pulls over and gets out of the car to fetch some water. Nima takes his phone. When Virat returns, he inquires about what it is that you are doing on his phone. She claims that I intended to return it to her. He takes it. Nima is racking his brain to remember the number. She mentioned that the final digits were 5632.The return of Roy and Nima to their house. Priyal has invited you to join us for a game of cards. He has responded positively. Nima says may I play too? Mona asks whether or not you even know how to play the game. Roy invites you to come. Mona says let’s order kulfi. I am told by her that I have forgotten my password. Priyal states that it is your name and the last four numbers of your number, which is 5632. Nima is taken aback by this.

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