Nima Denzongpa [ 9th September 2022] Written Update

Nima Denzongpa 9th September 2022 Written Update on

Suman invites Nima to spend the night at her house. Mina, Maaji wants to know where you are from. According to Nima, my name is Nima and I hail from the state of Sikkim. Maaji inquires about the woman’s husband. Nima claims that he does not live with us, and I should point out that I have three daughters. Maaji asks, “Then, how do you plan to function here?” Nima promises that I will take care of them if you only give me the chance. Maaji argues that you are unable to keep the children here, therefore you should just leave. Nima starts to leave in a sorrowful state, but Baaky tells Maaji that she appears to be a good-natured young girl. Nima is instructed by Maaji to report to work beginning tomorrow; the examination will take place in one week. Nima receives a reminder from Suman to arrive at work promptly. Nima gives a nod and then walks away.Nima comes to Sarla’s home. She claims that I have the work, and all she asks is that my children study. I am looking for a place to live, but they are asking for unreasonable amounts of money. Sarla believes that Suresh ought to assist you because both of you are his daughters. Nima says that I do not want anything from Suresh at this time, and that Tulika and Ayi will not let him have anything either. My main concern is whether or not I will have enough money for the down payment on a house. Sarla informed me that she was aware of a site at which it was possible to rent a room without making a security deposit; however, the location was not ideal. Nima inquires as to what the problem is. It’s part of our culture, right? Sarla looks on.The first thing that Tulika does in the morning is mop the floor. Sunita requests of her that she cleans up nicely. Tulika urges her to bring more water. Sunita washes her face with water. Tulika says don’t make me mad. Sunita reveals to her that a new neighbour will soon be moving in. The house that we are standing in front of is now being cleaned. Tulika suggests that the two of us go there to investigate who is relocating there.The new, smaller house will be Nima’s. The children are overjoyed to have their very own home, which is meticulously maintained by their mother. Nima spreads a sheet out on the ground and orders the children to sit on it. Nima feeds them rice sweetened with sugar and assures them that the quality of our meals will soon improve. Sia inquires as to when we shall meet Baba. Nima has indicated that he will not be able to meet with us at this time. When Nima opens the door when the doorbell rings, she sees Sunita and Tulika standing there. They are taken aback upon seeing her. Sunita says you? Why have you returned to this place? How were you able to purchase a house of this size? Tulika is quoted as saying, “I warned you not to enter here.” According to Nima, this is my house, so please do not bother us and exit from here. She slams the door in their faces before closing it. Sunita and Tulika are stunned.Nima is successful in getting Sia and Mania enrolled at a school. Nima informed me that I will send in their fees the following day. The principal congratulates them and adds that they are welcome. Nima expresses her gratitude to Sarla after visiting her. Because my supervisor is out of the country, Sarla has offered to watch over your children in her stead. Don’t be concerned about anything at all. Nima told me that I should have some hope now. She told me that I need to leave for work because I am running late.Sunita is currently engrossed in a television drama. Tulika claims that we are in danger, but here you are watching television. Since Nima has returned, Suresh barely bothers to look in my direction anymore. What will happen if they decide to get back together? According to Sunita, I don’t grasp it; she doesn’t explain where she got the money. Suresh is unable to donate that amount of money at this time. When we asked Tulika where she got the courage to respond us back, she said she didn’t know. It is impossible for me to let Suresh discover her. According to Sunita, Suresh is not blind, and because she is now our neighbour, it is imperative that we find a means to have Nima flee this location. Since you are a lioness, we should have no trouble dominating this Nima. Tulika believes that you are correct, and that I should not be afraid of her.Nima arrives at Suman’s residence, but she is running behind schedule. Maaji stops her and says you can’t work here like this, you are late on the first day just. Nima apologises and says she is sorry, but she had to get to the school to get the kids enrolled. I really apologise for this. Maaji chuckles and says you have nice stories to share. Leave, since we are unable to offer you this position at this time. Suman says plz Maaji.. Maaji says my decision is final. Suman’s son comes there and says I have a stomach ache. Maaji gives him a hug and then inquires about what took place. Nima has told me that if I build something for him, it will ease the pain he is in. Maaji says no, I don’t trust you so leave. Maaji is advised by Baaky to give Maaji the benefit of the doubt because she might know some herbs and that Baaky will keep an eye on her. Maaji interrupts Nima and asks her to create it. Nima makes kaada out of some leaves for Suman’s son by going to the kitchen and using the leaves. After consuming it, he reports that the soreness has subsided and that he is in good health. Nima assures Suman that she will give him the recipe after requesting that he take some rest. She makes a move to go, but Maaji pulls her back and tells her that she can keep working. Nima cracks a smile before heading off to her job.Sunita smashes Nima’s house lock and walks inside with Tulika. They see that the residence doesn’t contain any furniture. According to Tulika, there is nothing to damage in this area. It is time for us to depart. According to Sunita, we ought to at the very least toss these sheets around. Tulika throws sugar and water everywhere. Tulika says that’s it. Sunita believes that it will frighten her. After scribbling a curse on her front door, Tulika sneaks out with Sunita.Nima comes home with her kids. She discovers a curse that has been written on the door. When Nima went into the house, she saw stuff all over the place. She looks on.

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