Nima Denzongpa[20th august 2022] written update

Nima Denzongpa 20th August 2022 Written Update on

Nima inquires about what took place from Manav. He claims that I was looking for some variety. They referred to me as Virat. Nima says no no he’s Manav. Sujata approaches Nima and inquires about the latter’s whereabouts at this hour. The watchman advises that you should not speak to madam in such a manner. According to Nima, I work here. Where does Sujata say it? Nima says this while they are in Sethi’s residence. Gulshan ma’am and Mona ma’am, as well as Priyal, Mona’s sister, Chinkey, and Krish are a part of this group. Virat sees flashbacks. He explains why these names are recognisable to you. Sujata is curious as to whether or not it’s the same woman. Manav receives some change from Nima. He departs with Sujata at his side. Manav yells at Tushar to halt his behaviour. He encourages Nima to travel with us. Sujata questions why we should give a damn about this. He claims that she is our next-door neighbour. It would be best if we took her. Sujata says Nima come. Sujata is located in the middle of Nima and Virat. Sujata sleeps on Manav’s shoulder. A brake is used to stop the vehicle. Virat saves Nima. Sujata says let’s go. Sunita is patiently waiting for Nima. Nima claims that they abandoned me. They are quite kind. Nima thanks Sujata. Manav, she wishes you a speedy recovery, she says. Sujata asks how it is that you can tell she is not feeling well. Were you with him at that time? Manav says what are you saying? Nima says I observed a bandage on his hand. Why do you always doubt? That’s what she says about me, anyway. They are leaving. According to Nima, he is Virat.Manav attempts to sleep. Manav sees flashbacks. He can’t sleep. Even Nima is having trouble dozing off. She claims that Manav did something that only Virat has before done. He saved me. She mentioned that there was a scar on Virat’s back. If Manav too has a scar, then there is no doubt that he is Virat.
Ads by Nima watches Virat leaving. He buys vegetables. Nima claims that he is charging you a high price. She is a negotiator. He apologises and states that I am not used to it. She claims that you have never carried it out. You led a pampered existence throughout your life. What does he say? She argues that I mean wives are the ones who do it. He asks if you have located your husband yet. Please let me know how I may be of assistance to you. Nima claims that she is confident that she will find him shortly. He says I will pray. Nima falls. Virat holds her. She claims that a spider is crawling across your back. He disrobes by removing his shirt. Nima looks around and sees him. Sujata comes. Nima sees Sujata tattooed on his back. Sujata has arrived, and she inquires as to what is taking place here. Manav asks how I got my tattoo in the first place. She claims that you completed it on your own. It was fantastic. All episodes of Nima Denzongpa are Available on

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