Nima Denzongpa[21th August 2022] Written Update

Nima Denzongpa 21th August 2022 Written Update on

Nima reveals to Sunita that the scar formerly sported a tattoo. It was very strange. Manav was completely unaware of the situation himself. According to Sunita, the situation is much more convoluted than any of us had anticipated. Sujata requests that her mother give her a head massage. She claims that Nima has exceeded all of today’s boundaries. Is she romantically interested in Manav? The truth is, not everyone is like you, according to her mother. Sujata says shut up. Sujata states that Nima is making me so angry.
Nima’s door knocks. When she opens the door, there is nobody waiting for her on the street. Nima takes notice of a toy. Someone gives Nima a call and tells her that she is stunning. That stuffed animal has a note from my heart to you. Nima says what. Who are you? I adore you, Nima is what the toy says. I will make you mine. Nima is experiencing fear.At the beginning of the episode, Sujatha conceals Virat’s identification proof from Manav. She assures him that she will show up once she has completed her meditation.It was mentioned by Nima that I work in this location. Who exactly is it that Sujata is paraphrasing here? Nima makes the remark while they are both present in Sethi’s home. In addition to Gulshan ma’am and Mona ma’am, there is also Priyal, who is Mona’s sister, as well as Chinkey and Krish. Virat is having memories resurface. He provides an explanation for why these names sound familiar. Sujata cannot help but wonder if she is observing the same woman on both occasions. The customer, Nima, hands the server, Manav, their change. Together with Sujata, he begins the journey home. Manav communicates with Tushar and requests that they pause. It is his suggestion that Nima come along with us. Sujata is the one who poses the question, “Why should any of us care?” It was his contention that she was our next-door neighbour. It is necessary for us to bring her along. Sujata says Nima come. Nima and Virat are seated on Sujata’s left and right, respectively. Sujata sleeps on Manav’s shoulder. To come to a complete halt, the vehicle applies the brakes. Virat saves Nima. Sujata says let’s go. Sunita does some reading while she waits for Nima to arrive. It was Nima’s word that they had abandoned me. They are very considerate and thoughtful toward other people. Nima thanks Sujata. She hopes that Manav will get better soon and sends her best wishes to him. Sujata is curious as to how you can be so certain that she isn’t feeling well and she wants you to explain. You were there with him, are we not wrong to assume? Manav says what are you saying? Nima asserts that I saw a bandage on his hand throughout our conversation. Why do you always doubt? She asserts that I am the same as that. They have left. Nima claims that he is Virat.

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