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Nima Denzongpa 29th August 2022 Written Update on


The report is kicked off by Nima. She is taken aback by it. It claims there is a mismatch in the DNA. Manav is now reading the report. Even he is taken aback by it. Manav says thus I am not Virat. Sujata is seeking for Manav. She inquires of a man, “Have you done what I requested you to do?” He confirms that I made the adjustment to the report. She tells me to give you the correct report. He claims that I am unable to treat it. She claims that I am unable to entrust this report to the custody of anyone else. She claims that Nima was doing a DNA test on my Manav at the time. I will never let you get Virat back. Nima asserts that she is unable to determine what constitutes right and wrong. According to Manav, I thought it would look good on you, therefore I bought this anklet for you. I am completely at a loss on what to do. Nima claims that I do not have the authority to seize it. You keep it. Manav leaves. He claims that we can get along, doesn’t he? He extends his hand to her and shakes it. Manav leaves.Sujata is questioned by Sarita about how she came to know about the DNA. Sujata claims that they only preserved the DNA of Manav. Then I learned that it was labs who had done it. So I decided to follow Nima. I paid him 25K. Tushar inquires as to where you obtained it from. She claims that I sold Mai’s chain and obtained the report on the transaction. When Manav entered the room, he inquired about what report we were discussing. She claims to have read my report. Because I want to start a family as soon as possible, we ought to be checked out. He invites you to accompany me. She is brought into the room by him. Sujata speaks in daylight? Let me get a lipstick. He deems it to be in order. Manav takes her hand in his and tells her that their love is so old. You have the most intimate knowledge of me. She affirms, “Yes, I am familiar with all aspects of you.” He asks, “What kind of food do you prefer I make for you?” She says poha.. pao bhaji.. momos. He inquires about my pastimes, what are they? She claims that you enjoy operating on autopilot. He wants to know the details of our wedding. Why can’t we just talk about how we feel? According to her, it was a really large wedding. While you were dressed in a white kurta, I was wearing a green sare. He claims that you showed me a photograph in which you were wearing the colour red. She claims that I forgot about it. He claims that you failed to bring your wedding dress. She tells me that I need to take aai to a certain location. She leaves the room.Nima asks Sunita to eat. She insists that I won’t until you do it first. Nima says I’ve given up. Nima says I want to go back. I am exhausted. Sunita advises that you get some rest. It’s possible that you’re not looking in the right locations.Manav is asleep at night. During these visions, Nima is present. Manav glances outside. As he stands in the closet, he notices a purse that contains all of Virat’s identification cards. Manav is taken aback by this. What exactly does he mean by this? He glances at the picture of the wedding. He takes a glance at the identification card. According to Manav, this proves that Nima was right. But what about the DNA report? He checks in all the usual places for the DNA report. He examines the bag that Sujata is carrying. Manav breaks it.Both Sarita and Sujata are currently travelling back home. Sujata tells me that I should stop responding to Manav’s questions. When she saw Tushar outside, she asked him why he had left Manav there. I warned you not to do it. Tushar claims that he is currently asleep. She suggests that we return to our house. The trunk is opened by Virat. Inside is what appears to be a skeleton along with some hair. Manav is taken aback by this. He believes that this woman poses a significant threat. He claims that she is insane. Inside, he finds a piece of paper, which he then steals. Manav is currently reading the paper. It’s the report on the DNA. According to Manav, this identifies me as Virat. He can hear them coming into the room. The door is secured by a lock. It is Sujata’s instruction to open the door. The report will be taken by Manav. Sujata claims that she warned you not to leave him alone himself.Sunita inquires of Nima, “Are you sure you want to go?” She claims that I don’t have the will to stay. I really want to get together with Manav one more time.


Manav contacts Nima and tells her that he is their Virat and that they should meet today. As Manav waits for Nima, Sujata launches an assault on him.

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