No Plans Of Marriage Now Naseem Shah Wants To Focus On Cricket Father Says

The father of Pakistani bowler Naseem Shah, who led the Green Shirts to win over Afghanistan to claim a berth in the final of the Asia Cup, has made some surprising disclosures about his son. Naseem Shah guided the Green Shirts to victory against Afghanistan to secure a spot in the final.

Naseem’s father made these statements when he was being interviewed by a private news channel: “I hit Naseem numerous times for playing cricket, instructing him to concentrate on his schoolwork instead.”

He said that Naseem had completed his education up to the tenth grade and that he wished for him to find job in another country.

The pacer’s father continued by saying that his son Naseem had always had a great deal of skill and that everyone was pleased of him when he made it into the national squad. According to what he stated, “None of us backed Naseem, and his brother was the only one who would covertly send him money.”

“When his mother was still living, he would often declare that he would one day represent Pakistan in athletic competition. We used to make jokes about how a guy from Dir could possibly join the Pakistani national football squad “The identity of Naseem’s father was exposed.

According to Naseem’s father, the pacer thinks of his mother as maybe being his biggest admirer. He also claimed that Naseem misses his mother a great deal. “The more he thinks about her, the more tears he sheds. According to him, my mother would have been overjoyed to see me wearing the Pakistan uniform if she had been there.”

In reference to the match that Pakistan played against Afghanistan, in which Naseem hit two sixes off the first two balls of the final over, his father said the following: “Pakistan snatched victory from the jaws of defeat thanks to Naseem’s heroics.” “During the game we were playing against Afghanistan, I said a lot of prayers for him. I felt like I was dreaming [when we won].”

“When I first heard the term “cricket,” I had no idea what it was or how bowling and batting worked. When my kid went to play for Pakistan, that’s when I found out about it “he continued.

His father made the following statement in response to reports that the Bollywood actress Urvashi Ratela had posted an altered film showing herself together with Naseem: “I have seen it, but I cannot say whether or not what I have seen is accurate. I have absolutely no knowledge whatsoever on this subject.”

When asked about Naseem’s intentions for marriage, he said that he had discussed the topic with his son, who had responded by stating that he does not intend to marry anybody for at least the next four or five years.

After getting some respite during Pakistan’s warmup match against Sri Lanka on Friday, the speed sensation is all ready to make his debut for Pakistan today.

The championship match for the Asia Cup 2022 will take place at 7 o’clock in the evening at the Dubai International Stadium.

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