Pandya Store (28June 2022) Written Episode Update

Pandya Store (28 June 2022) Written Episode Update on

Suman begins the episode by questioning Prafulla about her return. Prafulla believes that if I tell her about Shiva, she will make love to me. She can remember seeing the foot prints. Suman, explain your son, he’s a ghost, she yells. Hearing sounds coming from the kitchen, she grabs her luggage and rushes outside. End of FB. Raavi is prepared by Dhara. When Prafulla arrives, she says, “I’ve noticed some foot prints in my residence.” Dhara thinks it’s great that you’ve come to stay. Prafulla questions why Raavi dressed up so elaborately. Shiva is present as a ghost, and according to Dhara, she is thrilled about it. We will come, sit down, and greet his ghost. Raavi believes that if I visit Dhara, I will discover what she is hiding. We are going to eat, according to Dhara. Without me, Rishita queries I’ll go along too. Raavi, come here; you are secure here, says Dhara. Stay at home. Suman requests kada. I’ll receive it, according to Rishita. Dhara says we’re on our way. The move. Suman urges Gautam to refer Dhara to a reputable physician. Not sure what happened to her, he replies; let them go. Where is Prafulla now? Suman queries. Not sure, says Gautam. Suman visits Prafulla in person. Prafulla is supine on bed. She yells when she notices Shiva’s shirt moving in the air. When Suman arrives, she is doused in water. She reprimands Prafulla. By the window, Dhara and Raavi enter Prafulla’s home. You believe that I would see Shiva as Prafulla, says Raavi. Yes, Dhara replies; leave now, you might see him. Think of him deeply. Dara leaves. Shiva is yelled by Raavi.

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She says, “Come out once, I love you,” if you truly care about me. Why won’t you come and love me, she yells at him. When he turns on the fan, flower petals scatter over her. Shiva appears. Raavi turns and is shocked to see him still alive. She shuts her eyes. She responds, “No, I saw Shiva; is he here or in my heart? He’s playing a joke on me. Upon seeing her, Shiva sobs and approaches the woman. She is to open her eyes; he is here, he says. No, I know you aren’t here, she replies. Open your eyes; I’m here, he says. You are not here, she claims. I love you, he says. He gives her a cheek kiss.


She sees him when her eyes open. They both joyfully cry. You are actually in front of me, she claims. He bows. I also love you, she adds. Rait Zara plays as… She gives him a cheek kiss as well. They hug. He claims, “I want to tell you everything, the bus met with an accident when I went to see the land.” He tells her the whole truth. He claims that a fisherman saved me, brought me home to heal, and then I returned to see you all after hearing the policeman announce the arrest and leaving. But that land sale, adds Raavi. Jeevanlal played that game, says Shiva. We’ll sell the land to get money, and then we’ll fix things. Will you please come home, she begs. He responds, “Not right now. In a few days, I’ll be in Prafulla’s house. You can come here at any moment to meet me.” We missed our chance to enjoy a romantic movie moment, she tells him as she gives him a hug. Come, he says; we’ll get some fresh air.


Everyone receives food from Dhara. She requests that they eat. She declares, “I made kheer, and I’ll serve it.” Suman enquires about Raavi. Maybe she left her outside, Rishita speculates. Dhara reports that Raavi is on the terrace while we are inside. Rishita claims that Dhara didn’t invite me to the party. They are urged to be patient by Dhara. As promised by Krish, I’ll go retrieve Raavi. He’s asked to stop by Dhara. Raavi isn’t hungry, she claims, so I should just show up. She leaves. If Raavi is sobbing, Suman requests that she go and check. Raavi and Shiva stroll down the lane. He leaves her at home. She is told to go to bed right away. She embraces him. Krish is blind to Dhara. Raavi, he claims, isn’t present. According to Dhara, I mentioned she was there, but she has already gone downstairs. When did she arrive, he queries. He is perplexed by Dhara. You believe I’m lying, she says. I’ll forgive you. He claims I didn’t apologise. Kanta emerges from the lane. Everyone will watch Shiva ask Raavi to leave. Shiva is hiding his face. Again, Raavi embraces him. Kanta notices them. Seeing Raavi, she. She tells Raavi that she is with a man; who is he?



Raavi queries how I intend to leave. Let me think, Shiva says. Prafulla gets back home. She yells when she sees Shiva. She shouts, and Suman and Dhara hear her.

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