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Pari claims that I have been quiet for long enough, but that will no longer be the case. I won’t keep my mouth shut. I put my complete and utter faith in you. I was constantly deceiving myself. Because marriage is predicated on trust, its dissolution automatically results in the dissolution of the marriage. What Gurwinder has said is sufficient. What are you doing, because you have sullied the reputation of our family. I always thought of you as a nice young lady. You are completely incorrect. Paari claims that you are blaming me without inquiring as to why I am acting in this manner. Rajiv warns, “Don’t speak to my mother like that or I will get rid of all of this wedding stuff.” It’s been recommended by Pari to carry it out, and our marriage is a sham anyway. No matter what you have to say, I won’t keep my mouth shut today.Enough has been said by Parminder. Pari. You have received an incredible amount of love and respect from all of us. I carried out this duty in response to your request, and your Tao Ji agreed to do so only because you made it. You’re going to do this to us, are you? Pari says no, and I told him I didn’t want to get married right away, but he made me out to be the bad guy and dragged me here. This wedding, the marriage, and everything around it are all dramatic. Inquire with him and reveal the truth to everyone, Rajiv. What exactly is it that Parminder is saying, Rajiv? The advice of Pari is to tell the truth. Tao Ji asks whether it is solely relevant to the office, is that correct? Rajiv, according to Parminder, you need to respond her. The advice given by Pari is to always be honest. What does the union between us mean to you? Have you ever loved me? He advises you to show some embarrassment. There are people of advanced age here. She believes you should feel embarrassed because you’ve made a mistake. I have not accomplished anything. I am not afraid because I have nothing left to lose. Gurwinder claims that everyone will know that I arranged for Pari and Rajiv to wed in order to get her land. According to Pari, the truth will eventually come out. Tao Ji says enough Pari. I don’t want any more tension to arise in my home. I have shared with everyone that my love for you surpasses that which I have for my daughter Simi. You have completely destroyed our respect in the eyes of everyone else. Pari tells himself in his heart that he has no choice but to be honest with everyone.Pari says I am not wrong. I will tell you the reason why I do not want to marry Rajiv again, and that is because he made a mockery of a serious relationship like marriage. We were all duped by him. Rajiv is a liar and a cheat. He deceived not only me but also my family, and he stole all that was mine. What exactly are you trying to say, Gurwinder? Pari asserts that I am speaking the truth and providing all of the supporting evidence. After pagpheray, he left me in my house, and I finally understand why. He wanted me to remain there and tend to your needs so that he could enjoy himself over here. This, according to Simi, is the issue with girls from small towns. They have a limited way of thinking. You have worked hard to earn your place in Barnala. According to Pari, I am worthy of trust and love. If you were in my position, you would have reported your husband to the police and put him in jail. Gurwinder asks why he should marry someone like you. According to Pari, you are well aware of the reason why Rajiv wed me. I don’t want to elaborate on all of it. Because he wanted to maintain your respect, he wed me. When you presented him with your proposition, he wasn’t even willing to consider it. He abandoned me at my residence. Why did you not inquire as to what was going on in his mind? Who was it that he hoped to wed?Rajiv thinks, deep down, that this must mean she learned something about Neeti. My good name will be ruined by her. He apologises to her and then asks all of the guests to leave the party. He tells me that I have to deal with her in some way. Rajiv claims that Tao Ji is telling lies. I am incapable of ever making a mistake. She does not have any proof. Pari claims that I have the evidence. Do you have any business to take care of with your boss today? Tell everyone which boss you went to deliver a pen drive to first thing in the morning and they will feel better about themselves. Or you lied each and every time since there was no Pendrive? One day, your friend went through a breakup, one day you met with a customer from the United States, and one day you spoke business with your employer. It was all a lie, and you are well aware of where you were at all times. Rajiv pushes her away and tells mommy Ji that she’s not telling the truth. You coerced me into marrying her, which is neither dishonest nor disrespectful. Listen to what she has to say.Pari claims that I have been respectful by being quiet up until this point. I also had other options, but they won’t work now. Now, the whole world will be aware of the truth. The fact of the matter is that you have two different names and have been married twice. That you have a total of two wives. Everyone is taken aback by this. Pari says yes. You did hear that correctly. He first wed me under the name Rajiv, and then he remarried under the name Sanju. Rajiv is taken aback by this. According to Pari, he has two different names, two different faces, and two different wives. According to Gurwinder, everyone has two names—a family name and a name used for official identification. Didn’t you hear what Pari said earlier about having two wives? It is unethical to cheat by using both of your names. It is unethical to deceive two different ladies and to have two separate lifestyles. Rajiv has acted in exactly the same manner. Everyone is taken aback by this. Wow, according to Simi, we couldn’t discover a single one, but he’s found two.Pari confronts Gurwinder with the question, “What was the benefit for you that you forced him to marry me when he didn’t want to?” Gurwinder says that you are making accusations against me. I married you to him because your father was embarrassed that two other guys had abandoned you. This is a favour that I did for you. Pari says you had a motive, you had a benefit. Why did you decide to go with me? Because he must stand to gain something from the arrangement as well, Rajiv consented. Parminder believes that Pari is correct and questions why you would consider having your son marry her son According to Neeti, Sanju isn’t even phoning me anymore. I am by myself in this medical facility, and he does not have any time for me. My right to cohabitate with him in his home is unalienable. Neeti gives Rajiv a call. Gurwinder claims that everything is done incorrectly. Rajiv, according to Pari, you shouldn’t end the call just yet. After picking up the phone, Pari inquires, “Whose call is it?” Rajiv’s boss. Simi says what do you mean? According to Pari, his boss is actually his second wife. Now hear what she has to say.

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