Parineeti [15th August 2022] Written Update

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Rajiv is questioned by Tai ji about his plans for the future. She recommends that you have fun with it. He tells me that I have work. She recommends that you come celebrate with us. Monty is the one who puts together groups. Chandrika says let’s play antakshri. Chandrika suggests let’s start with M. Rajiv inquires about Tao Ji’s whereabouts. She claims that he must be quite busy. Tai Ji attempts to come up with a tune in his head. Tao Ji comes in dance. He moves with a Tai Ji style. Everyone else follows them. Everyone has the same desire. Tao Ji says I saved you. The arrival of Parminder’s buddies They ask, where exactly is Pari? She has planned such a significant gathering for us. You are very fortunate to have such a pleasant DIL. Nothing is ever done by our SILs. According to Parminder, they choose what clothes to wear. Pari makes sweets. Pari is in charge of completing the decorating. Her hand falls in mehndi.. Rajiv holds her. The henna is applied on both of their hands at the same time. A buddy of Parminder’s gushes about how perfect the two of them are together. It really is a wonderful blessing. Tai Ji claims that she has a lot of reticence. Rajiv’s hand is washed by Pari. Rajiv believes, deep down, that he was created with Neeti in mind only. Neeti calls Pari. She gets dressed and heads out to the market. The way Pari sees it, I have to do everything I can. She provides Neeti’s missed call information. She gives a return call. Neeti is concerned about your whereabouts. Neeti advises that you don’t leave the house and go anywhere. She tells her that Rakesh is in the room. He was outside your place when I arrived. You are aware of his character. It looks like he’s following you. According to Pari, today is Tai ji’s anniversary, and she wants me to do everything. Neeti has instructed Rajiv to tell her not to leave the house. Don’t risk it. Pari asks how is sanju? According to her, we got into a fight. I asked him to accompany me to Amritsar, and he agreed. Pari is reminded by Rajiv’s statement that he expressed interest in visiting Amritsar. It’s strange, according to Pari, that you and Rajiv’s boss came up with the same plan at the same time, and then both of you got it shot down. Pari decides to go to the market. Rakesh is very irate. He ruminates on Neeti’s actions from earlier. Rakesh screams for the driver to pull over! Shera is overcome with fear. He runs.. Rakesh pulls out his weapon and commands, “Stop.” He reaches for his collar. It is your mission, according to Rakesh, to locate Neeta. Show her how it’s done. Bring her here, and I will make her apologies profusely to me. Pari decides to go to the market. She is pondering Rakesh right now. However, she says that I need to go get the things. Pari buys vases. Chandrika gets mehndi done. The woman inquires as to whether or not I should write down the name of her husband. She asks me, “Should I?” It will make the design unusable. You never argue with anyone but me. He says you engage in combat. She says make me drink juice. He warns that this will make your design unusable. She replies, “Yes, it’s fine, just let me die.” He forces her to drink the juice while he keeps his own beverage in the same glass. Chandrika instructs the young lady to write a “A” on her palm. Simi arrives. Chandrika said that she hoped that she would also get married. What are you looking for, she asks. You would like for me to leave the house. This is my home, and I intend to reside in it. Chandrika claims that you do not have anyone. You don’t have anyone to talk to, which is probably why you’re so irritable all the time. Find a guy or you will go nuts. If you don’t shut up, you’ll ruin her mehndi, says Simi. Chandrika is agitated. When she gets angry like that, she says she’s sorry. A stroll through the market for Pari. She has the impression that someone is following her. Someone brushes up against her shoulder. Pari screams.


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