Parineeti [16th August 2022] Written Update

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Pari looks back. A man says you dropped your phone. She extends her gratitude to him, but his phone is now out of service. Neeti will be returning home. There are flowers to be found. She claims that I am not easily persuadable at all. She searches for the apologetic card but can’t find it anywhere. Someone else is in the room, as Neeti has noticed. She claims that I won’t be going in either. Neeti claims that he is displaying an attitude. I expect him to apologise to me. She does a little stroll outdoors and then coughs. Nobody makes their way out. Neeti looks in. Shera has returned to her room. Neeti demands to know why you are in her room and asks, “What are you doing?” He is taken aback by it. He tells me that my friend is also present here. The end has come for your game. Neeti runs. They manage to seize her. Neeti has warned her friends that you would be harmed if anything bad occurs to her. Shera accuses you of playing games with Rakesh. According to Neeti, I do not have any fear of him. I will murder him. Shera orders everyone to be quiet. They had to pull her out. Neeti screams for someone to assist her. She pushes them away and then runs. Neeti closes the door behind her and goes into the room. She attempts to give Sanju a call, but he’s in the lavatory at the time. The restroom is where Rajiv ends up leaving his phone behind. Neeti says Sanju pls pick up. Shera and his pal make an attempt to smash through the door. They keep pounding it again and over. She tries to reach Pari but her phone is turned off. Shera shatters the door and then enters the room. He instructs us to watch and observe what Rakesh does. Rajiv has a lot of concern about Neeti. He claims that I made a lot of mistakes. This is something I ought not to have done. Rajiv sees Neeti’s missed calls. Neeti, he says he misses you so much. I don’t feel at all well at the moment. He looks at her photographs. Rajiv recommends that I give a call and apologise. He attempts to call Neeti, but her phone is turned off. Rajiv asks why she isn’t taking up his phone anymore. He recommends that I go give her a hug. He adds that until you forgive me, I am not allowed to celebrate here. Pari makes a trip to the store in the hopes of having her phone mended while she’s there. She insisted that I make a phone call. Pari calls Chandrika. When did you last hear from Chandrika? She claims that my phone is broken. I am in the process of having it fixed. Chandrika tells me that I’ve gotten the chefs ready to leave. A speedy return is expected. Pari grabs her phone and uses it. Rajiv comes in. When Chandrika asked me, “where are you going?” Have you got a date with Pari? Also eliminated is her.

The market is where Pari gets her spices. Additionally present is Rakesh. Shera forces Neeti to follow her out of the house. Rajiv apologises to Neeti in his head for being impolite to her and promises that he would never get angry with Neeti again. Neeti asks you to swear to her that you would never abandon her. Rajiv promises that he would always stand by your side. Shera and his pal force Neeti to follow them to the vehicle. Rajiv arrives at that location. He is distracted by the call and misses the automobile altogether. Pari makes her way back to the mobile shop to complete the transaction. She is in a hurry to go back home. Rakesh is outdoors. The revelation stuns Pari. Pari asks, “What exactly are you doing here?” According to Rakesh, I am here to help you. Who could love you more than I do? Pari tells you to move over because she wants to go home. Rakesh assured me that I would bring you along with me this time without a doubt. The question that Pari asks is, “Have you forgotten what Rajiv taught you?” You are asking for trouble if he discovers the truth. Rakesh claims that I won’t let him get away with it this time. I did a mistake last time. Holding her hand, he tells her, “You are mine and mine alone.” The advice of Pari is to let go of my hand.


Rakesh tells Pari that she is his one and only love. I would gladly take the life of anyone else to be with you. Neeti is the target of a threat from Shera and his companion. When Neeti spots Rajiv walking along the road, she yells out to him in an attempt to attract his attention. Rajiv notices her.

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