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Leave my hand alone, according to Pari. She begs you to come to my rescue. He has masala thrown in his eyes by Pari. He shrieks in pain. Pari runs. Rakesh has informed me that I will find you. Pari runs. It looks like Neeti is driving. She tells me to go on my way. She is yelling for assistance. Shera has informed you that nobody can save you at this time. Neeti is heard yelling for assistance. Rajiv arrives home. Neeti isn’t home. He sees a bunch of flowers. He claims that Neeti placed an order for a large number of flowers. Rajiv comes in and looks around the room. Neeti can’t be found anywhere. Shera questions your motivations for interfering in Rakesh’s affairs. You can’t save Pari. Neeti gives him a few bites on the hand. He shrieks in pain. They bind her with ropes. Rajiv searches high and low for Neeti everywhere he goes. He observes muddy footprints left by shoes. Rajiv is experiencing fear. He says is Neeti okay? The taxi has picked up Pari. Pari calls Rajiv.. She advised me not to disturb him and said no. Shera’s vehicle pulls up next to Pari’s, but Pari is oblivious to her presence. Pari calls Rajiv. Rajiv asks, “Is Neeti having an affair with someone else?” No no. She is unable to. Neeti is the one he calls. Neeti is unable to answer her phone when it rings. Shera asks how you are going to be able to pick up anyone’s phone with both of your hands sliced off by Rakesh. Pari tries to reach Rajiv by phone, but he is unable to take her call. Rajiv wonders what’s occurring. He suggests that the footprints might be from the florist who had to have brought the flowers. They express their regret on a piece of paper and place it among the flowers. He claims that I will be coming back very soon. Chandrika dances. She extends an invitation to Amit to dance with her. He collapses. he claims you made me fall. He is the one she chooses. She experiences the same fall. Monty walks in and inquires, “What exactly is going on here?”

The arrival of Pari is imminent. She instructs the driver to go as quickly as possible. When Parminder called Pari, she inquired about her whereabouts. Pari says I am on my way. Simi says to keep an eye on her. Who can say for sure who she is hanging out with? She tells you to be quiet. You are absolutely correct, Chandrika. You never calm down because you have no one to talk to. According to Simi, this will resolve the issue. How can I be sure that he won’t develop an addiction like my brother did or be as reckless as my father was? who does not care about his family, including his wife and children.Pari calls Rajiv. He believes that it is essential. When it comes to love, he asks, “Where are you?” You are not even in your own house. Pari says what? He claims that I asked you where you are located. She claims that I am shopping at this time. Pari had asked, “Would you be able to pick me up on the way?” I don’t feel good. He tells you to go home because we shall meet there. Rakesh pursues the cab that Pari is in. Pari is afraid. Pari requests that the driver go as quickly as possible. She is trembling in fear. Shera places a call to Rakesh and informs him that Neeti is currently with us. Should we put an end to her? He advises against it and points out that elections are taking on. According to Shera, we have no choice but to get rid of her. He removes the knife from its sheath. Rakesh told me that I need to find Pari right now. Neeti is heard yelling for assistance. Rakesh slashed her hand and told her to be silent at this time. Neeti pleads Sanju please save me.The officers put a stop to the automobile. The man who belongs to Shera leaves. They are performing a check on the vehicles. Neeti adds that I should make some noise if there is a police officer around. Rakesh’s automobile pulls up next to Shera’s and stops there. Neeti notices him. She is yelling for assistance. He is staring at her.


Pari and Sanju are both close to Neeti’s automobile, but they are unable to see what is going on inside because the windows are tinted. Sanju asks, “Why do I feel something near this car?” (Why do I feel something nearby?)

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