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Pari sees Rakesh. She screams for someone to help her. Nobody steps forward to open the door. She uses the name Neeti. Rakesh took her hand and said, “Today will be the day we are married.” Let’s test if your husband is up to the challenge. He drags her. Pari says let me go, please.. He walks with her to the vehicle. Pari was imagining it. It appears that she is nervous. She removes the key from her pocket and enters the building.The thugs make an attempt to fix the car. Shera tells Neeti to stop acting superior in front of us. He gives the goons instructions to keep an eye on her. The thug in the car is dozing off. Neeti makes it appear as though she has passed out. Neeti makes an effort to shake her hands off. She uses the rod to smack the thug on the head in that area. Neeti runs. Shera will appear. They get in the car as quickly as possible to search for her. Neeti travels by running on the highways. Pari says that I am not allowed to go home. There must be Rakesh there. She is debating whether or not she should call Rakesh. She puts a call in to Neeti. Neeti travels by running on the highways. Pari asks are you okay? Neeti warns me that I’m in a pickle. Pari requests that you fill her in on what took place. Shera pulls up in his vehicle. They attacked Neeti. Pari screams. Neeti has a fall on the roadway. Her head bleeds. Neeti passes out from the pain. Pari has tried multiple times, but no one has answered her call. It’s clear that Pari is concerned about Neeti. She says some prayers for Neeti.A crowd has gathered around BNeeti. They have requested that the ambulance be called. Shera decides to go check it out. Many people believe that she won’t make it. There is fear in Shera. He runs. He tells the thugs that Rakesh will kill all of us if she passes away. They get back in a hurry. Neeti receives a phone call from Pari. Someone picks up the phone and explains that she’s been in an accident. Pari inquires, “Where is she?” Please explain it to me. Is she feeling okay? According to him, a car has struck her. She passed out. Nobody is going to take her to the hospital right now. Her life is in peril. Parii yells. Pari has stated that they will rescue you. There will be no occurrences. In a hurry, she calls a taxi and hops in. No one ever pauses. When Pari can’t find Neeti, she starts running on the roadways. To get a lift, Pari approaches random folks. Pari seeks a taxi. Pari divulges the location to him.Tai ji asks Chandrika where is Pari? Even her phone is turned off right now. The pals of Parminder are also leaving. They allege that your future daughter-in-law wrecked the function. She did not take any action. She is now free to pursue her own interests. Chandrika says that we should have the party. The visitors have all departed. Tai ji is upset. Pari comes to Neeti. The woman shrieks.


In a recap, Pari can be seen in the hospital with Neeti, where she is yelling for assistance and confirming that Neeti is still alive. Rajiv asks why Neeti isn’t picking up the phone and why the photoframe keeps breaking, and he wonders if this is a warning sign. When the doctor said they couldn’t assist Pari, she told the doctor that if she couldn’t get treatment for her buddy, she would take her own life.

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