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Rajeev expresses his regret to the nurse for having shared the bed with Neeti the night before. She chuckles and then tells me that I should change her clothes. Neeti mocks him with laughter and tells him to leave the room. Rajeev ventures outside in the hopes of finding his pals Ajay and Shay there. After seeing that Monty has missed his calls, he gives him a call back. Monty reports that he is still at the station in order to pick up Beeji, and he inquires about Neeti. Rajeev reports that she awoke and is doing good at this time. Monty inquires as to whether or not he has received any new information regarding Pari from the jail. Rajeev is taken aback and demands to know the reason for Pari’s incarceration. why? Monty is very forthcoming with information. Rajeev asserts that this is not possible because she tried to call me, but I reprimanded her. If she called me, it would suggest that she is out at this time. According to Rajeev, Neeti will be admitted to the hospital, thus I will remain in this location. When Neeti is asleep, according to Monty, you will have the opportunity to return home. Tai Ji will be concerned about you. After confirming that this is a sound proposition, Rajeev disconnects the connection. After entering the room, he looks in and sees that Neeti is asleep. He then exits the room.Rajeev is going to return to his home. He discovers Pari in the room and inquires as to why she has been up till this time. Pari glares at him and demands to know the reason behind today’s tardiness. According to Rajeev, I had supper with my manager. Pari inquires as to whether or not his boss ever invites his wife. Rajeev is perplexed as to why she would ask me at this time. He responds, “I don’t know that,” and then leaves to alter his appearance. Pari speculates that he may have written down Neeti’s number while he was Neeti’s supervisor. Pari gets up, grabs her pillow, and walks away from the room. When Rajeev enters the room, he notices that Pari is absent, and he speculates that she may have gone to the kitchen. He discovers that her pillow has been removed and remarks that something is amiss, asking whether or not she saw him with Neeti. If she had, I should have expected her to confront me about it. I owe her a lot of forgiveness because of the way she handled the situation when Neeti was in danger. He dials Ajay’s number and inquires about Neeti’s whereabouts. Ajay replies that she is asleep, so there is no need to be concerned. Rajeev is appreciative of him staying in that location. The call is terminated by him. Tai ji inquires about Pari’s whereabouts. According to Rajeev, she went inside the kitchen. I am going to wait for Beeji tonight because Tai ji told me she was going to come, and she goes from there. Rajeev advised that I get some rest now because I have an early appointment at the hospital.Pari enters the storage room and finds a spot to sit off to the side. She sobs quietly to herself as she recites all that has happened while curled up on the floor. Tai ji arrives and inquires about what it is that you are doing there. You did a major error. Pari believes that she is in an angry mood. Tai ji claims that you acted in a manner that is contrary to the rules of this place. Pari says I am sorry. You went out all night, and I was worried about you, but you didn’t tell me anything about it. Tai ji says thank you for thinking well, but I was concerned about you. Pari claims that I became frightened. Tai ji is concerned about her friend’s well-being and asks about it. Pari reports that she is feeling better now. If you wish to live with her, then you should go, according to Tai Ji. The response from Pari was “no,” and she stated that she wanted to handle everything at her in-laws’ residence. Tai Ji is curious as to why you have decided to sleep here. After explaining that she was getting ready for the anniversary and lying down there, Pari exits from that location. Tai Ji wonders why she chose to sleep in this location. Was there a night between she and Rajeev?Pari enters her room and immediately goes to sit down on the bed. Rajeev looks on. He inquires as to what is taking place. Pari says I am sleeping. Rajeev apologises to Pari for reprimanding her over the phone and explains that he was in a meeting at the time and became frustrated with her. He is met with a look from Pari, who tells him, “I am sleeping here; do not make a disturbance.” I shall have to sleep on the floor, according to Rajeev, because I made a mistake. On the floor on the other side, Pari makes her bed. Rajeev wonders why she is so furious, considering that I have reprimanded her in the past as well; did she discover the truth? He recalls the doctor telling him that she was the one who took Neeti to the medical facility.When Rajeev wakes up in the morning, it’s because Ajay has called him and told him he’s on his way there. He is leaving. After a while, Pari comes to and wonders if Neeti is alright.


While Rajeev and Neeti are talking on the phone, Rajeev tells Neeti that if she wants him to be there, she needs to tell him that she loves him. Neeti responds by saying that she loves him. Rajeev says I love you too. Pari is able to remain hidden and hears that. Later on, Rajeev reveals to Pari that he and his wife have arguments, but he doesn’t see why they should. Pari claims that the problem is that I am aware of everything and that I saw you. Rajeev gets afraid.

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