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Tai ji is making ready for Bee ji’s arrival; although she is unhappy about it, her husband has asked her to smile since my mother is coming. Bee ji is Tai ji’s daughter.Tai ji yells at Simi to wake up and warns her that Beeji is on her way, so she must not make any mistakes. She goes to Amit and inquires about Chandrika’s whereabouts. According to him, she is currently in the kitchen. When Tai ji approached her, she told him that she was preparing halwa for Beeji. Tai ji travels to Pari and inquires about Rajeev’s whereabouts. According to Pari, he went out to do some job. Tai ji wants to know if the two of you are having any problems. Pari says no. She wonders how I will ever be able to tell her that all is over between the two of us; after all, if he had told me that earlier, I never would have married him. Pari distinctly remembers calling Neeti and inquiring about her well-being. When she arrived, Neeti greeted her and questioned, “Are you going to love Rajeev more than you love me?” Pari believed that I had lost everything, therefore I am unable to tell her anything for fear that I may also lose her. She had alarmed Sanju by claiming that she was ill and that when he arrived, she would have a romantic surprise in store for him. Neeti had relayed this information to her friend. I am happy to have a lovely hubby and an incredible best friend. The call was terminated after Pari stated, “I will come there later.” Neeti thought that her behaviour was strange. The flashback comes to an end.When Rajeev finally gets at the hospital, he is concerned about Neeti’s health but she reassures him that she is doing good and laughs at him. Rajeev claims that I became extremely terrified. Ajay says Neeti wanted to scare you and then surprise you. Rajeev asks him to go. They are kicked out of the room by him. Rajeev takes a peek around the room and notices some balloons and a cake. Neeti explains that in order to surprise you, I had to scare you first. Rajeev has instructed you to lean in and give me a peck on the cheek. He leans in to give her a kiss, but then Ajay returns from the bathroom and interrupts them. Rajeev invites Neeti to kiss him but stops herself. Rajeev sits down next to Neeti and helps her cut the cake when Ajay has brought it there. Ajay is the one who snaps their picture. Rajeev forces her to consume it before comforting her with a hug. According to Neeti, she contacted Pari and asked her to come over, but she ignored her and is acting in an odd manner. Rajeev looks on. He wonders whether or not Pari is aware of the reality. That kind of thinking is impossible for me. Neeti says I have to eat hospital cuisine now. When Shay delivers the dinner to Rajeev, she tells him that Neeti asked her to bring his favourite dish. Neeti doesn’t feel like eating the food that the nurse gives, but the doctor insists that she can’t have anything with spices in it for the time being. He eats with his hands while she does so with his.Tai ji and others are preparing to welcome Beeji.While Pari is getting dressed, her alter ego reminds her that she is not their daughter-in-law and that she should tell everyone the truth about who she is. How are you able to coexist with a man who has treated you so badly? Pari claims that I will confront Rajeev one day, demanding to know why he treated me in such a manner. Why did he treat me like this? What did I do wrong? Her alter ego communicates to her that he continued to trick you, but that he also tricked your closest buddy. You simply cannot forget how close he was with Neeti; on the other hand, can you even fathom how intimate their relationship must be? Do you have the ability to tell the truth to anyone? Pari loses her composure and shatters the mirror. She injures herself when she walks on a piece of broken glass. She sobs, but before she does, she removes the shard of glass from her foot. She claims that there is nothing else for me to do in my life.


As a review, Rajeev is on the phone with Neeti, and he tells her that if she wants him there, she needs to tell him that she loves him first. Neeti responds by saying that she loves him. Rajeev says I love you too. While hiding, Pari overhears what is said. In a later conversation, Rajeev reveals to Pari that he and his wife have frequent arguments, but he doesn’t understand why. According to Pari, the issue is that I have all of the information because I saw you. Rajeev gets afraid.

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