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Wake up, Beeji is coming, don’t do anything bad, Tai Ji tells Simi. She approaches Amit and inquires about Chandrika. She is in the kitchen, he claims. She welcomes Tai Ji and informs him that she is making halwa for Beeji. Where is Rajeev, Tai Ji inquires when he visits Pari. Pari claims that he left to go to work. If anything goes wrong between you two, Tai ji queries. No, says Pari. She thinks how can I tell her that everything is done between us, if he had told me earlier then I would have never married him. Pari remembered calling Neeti and inquiring how she was doing. Do you love Rajeev more than I do? Neeti invited her to come and meet her. Pari believed that I had lost everything, so I couldn’t tell her anything for fear of losing her as well. Neeti informed her that she had alarmed Sanju by announcing that she was ill and that she would be giving him a romantic surprise when he arrived. I am fortunate to have a wonderful best friend and a caring hubby. Pari concluded the call by saying, “I’ll be there later.” Neeti thought her actions were odd. The memory lane fades.When Rajeev first enters the hospital, he worries about Neeti, but she is alright and makes fun of him. I was terrified, according to Rajeev. Neeti allegedly intended to startle you before surprising you. He is asked to leave by Rajeev. He is thrown out of the room by him. Rajeev examines the cake and balloons in the space. Neeti claims that I had to frighten you before shocking you. You need to kiss me, Rajeev says. Before he can kiss her, Ajay returns and uses the restroom. When Rajeev begs Neeti to kiss him, she declines. Ajay brings a cake, which Rajeev cuts with Neeti while they are sitting together. Ajay snaps their photo. Rajeev forces her to eat it and gives her a hug. Neeti claims that she contacted Pari and requested that she come, but that she ignored her and was acting strangely. Rajeev observes. He wonders if Pari is telling the truth. I am unable to think that way. I must now consume hospital food, Neeti says. Neeti requested me to bring your favourite cuisine, Shay says as she brings food for Rajeev. Neeti refuses to eat the meal the nurse serves her, but the nurse insists that she shouldn’t be eating spices at this time. To force her to eat, he uses his hands.Beeji is about to be welcomed by Tai Ji and others.While Pari is getting dressed, her alternate self tells her to tell everyone the truth and explain that you are not their daughter-in-law. How can you stay with a man who has treated you so unfairly? Pari predicts that I would ask Rajeev why he treated me this way in the future. Why did he do this to me? What was wrong with me? He kept fooling you, but he also managed to fool your best friend, according to her other self. You must keep in mind how close he was to Neeti; can you just picture how private he must have been with her?

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