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Scene 1

Rajiv sees Pari. He gets worried. Neeti is curious to know what took place. He tells me that I have a pressing matter. He runs. A phone call is made to the girl who is with Monty. Does she confirm it, boss? It’s Natasha’s dad talking to you. He is asking, “Where are you?” She says to check room 303 for me. You will only need me for the next five minutes. Naman overhears him talking to someone on the phone. He inquires as to your destination. It’s the restroom, he says. Naman tells Rajiv that Natasha’s dad is behaving in an odd manner. According to him, your father-in-law must be carrying on an affair. Let me go ahead and check, says Naman. Rajiv gives Monty a call. Monty has told me that he won’t even let me go on a date. Rajiv is asking, “Where are you?” According to Monty, I have a date at this hotel, and it’s going to be in room 303. According to Rajiv, that’s where Natasha’s dad is located. What exactly is Monty doing now? Rajiv makes a beeline for that room. Pari sees him running. She pursues him to get closer.
The room is where Monty gets ready for the day. Natasha’s mother has arrived. It starts to bother her. The woman shrieks. The room of Natasha and her sister is interrupted by her father. There can be found Naman there. When Naman tries to stop Rajiv, Rajiv says, “Don’t stop the uncle.” Rajiv asks what the best way is to break the news to him that he is dating my brother, who is also dating someone else? Seema comes into the room and asks, “What are you doing in here?” According to him, this is room 303. According to her, this is my bedroom. In the room where the girls are, Subhash is seen sitting. He tells me I don’t have time to get moving faster. Naman is informed by Rajiv that there is a third party residing with their uncle. Naman says what? I need to go inside. Seema and Monty travel to that location.
Monty, Rajiv asks, where have you been? Who else is there along with the uncle? Monty claims that my girlfriend is in the adjacent room. Seema tells Naman to go ahead and rap on the door. The girl asks, “Is that it, Monty?” He will be aware that I am a phoney and impoverished insurance agent. A girl steps forward and opens the door. According to Subhash, we do not have any more time. Seema breaks down in tears and asks, “What are you doing with this girl?” Please wait while I call the authorities. According to Subhash, I signed my insurance policy while I was in this building. The girl threatens to go to the police and report that you harassed her unless she receives 50,000 dollars immediately. Rajiv has stated that I will handle it. It’s where you’ll find pari. She looks around and sees Rajiv’s back. Additionally, she talks to Monty. Rajiv enters the room with the female companion. Pari says what is Sanju upto?
Scene 2

Natasha hears from Neetu that her husband is continuing their argument. Natasha questions the reason for her mother’s irrational rage. She claims that your father is the cause of my irritable mood. Neeti encourages you to keep throwing tantrums. Seema is serenaded by Subhash, who performs on stage. Seema ignores him. He sings for her. They danced together, Naman and Natasha. Neeti inquires, “Where is Sanju?” Rajiv appears in front of Monty wearing a mask and dancing with him. Pari stated that she wished Rajiv was in attendance as well. Pari imagines dancing with Rajiv on ajeeb dastaan hai yeh. Naman dances on mehndi laga ke rakhna with Natasha. Everyone joins.
Rajiv drinks. The chandelier is dangerously close to toppling over. Neeti is under it. Neeti, Rajiv is yelling at you. In an effort to save her, he runs. Rajiv rushes and saves Neeti. He asks Neeti, “Are you all right?” Neeti has a seizure. Seema says bring water. Rajiv screams Neeti.. According to him, her hand is bleeding. Pari walks in. Everyone offers Neeti a drink of water. They are very concerned. Rajiv is upset and tells us to call an ambulance. Rajiv kisses Neeti. She blinks and opens her eyes. Rajiv syas are you okay Neeti? He gives her a hug. He offers her a drink of water. Pari comes in. Rajiv’s presence has taken her by surprise.
Precap-Neeti kisses Rajiv. When she’s had enough, Pari breaks a vase over her head. I see that you are that girl. You just got married to Sanju, and you’re having an affair with his wife, are you serious? Neeti says he’s Sanju. My husband is this man. That is reportedly my husband, Rajiv, says Pari. The truth, according to Pari, was stated by Rajiv. Pari has heard enough yelling from Rajiv. Neeti is correct in her assessment.

Episosde ends

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