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Scene 1

Pari comes to Neeti. She sees Rajiv interacting with him. Pari asks are you okay? Neeti says are you okay? People say that the guy arrived at the precise moment that was needed. Pari thinks Rajiv saved her like Pari. It is now the month of. He asks how come they are not reacting to it. According to Natasha, this is how life actually is. Keeping each other alive by sharing our lives. I have faith that you will adore me the way Sanju adores Neeti. Although Pari claims that he is Rajiv, this must be a case of mistaken identity. Who is Rajiv, according to Naman? Natasha claims that individual is Sanju, Neeti’s husband as well as Naman’s friend. How, asks Pari, can you even be so confused? You are free to ask him. My husband is this man.
I am good, according to Neeti. Sanju, don’t be concerned. You care about me far too much. He says that I was in such a state of fear. I can’t bear to be apart from you for even an instant. I would gladly give my life for you. Neeti says don’t say that. Even without you, life would be unbearable for me. Rajiv hugs her. The revelation stuns Pari. According to Pari, he ended up being my best friend’s saviour. Rajiv kisses Neetu’s forehead. Neeti kisses him too. A man compliments them on being such a wonderful couple. They just had their wedding. According to Pari, I am Rajiv’s wife. My husband is this man. This individual claims to be Sanju. He is Neeti’s husband at this point. Everyone claims that he is Sanju. It seems that Pari is muddled. Pari can’t believe that everyone thinks he’s Sanju and not Rajiv. When Pari is with Neeti, she glances over at Rajiv.
Rajiv kisses Neeti’s forehead. After becoming enraged, Pari shatters a vase and declares, “Enough!” Neeti inquires as to the cause of Pari’s tears. What exactly took place? The push comes from Pari. Rajiv claims that he didn’t even think Pari was in the room with us. Neeti is curious to know what took place. Pari asks, “What exactly is going on?” Neeti says nothing. Pari says Rajiv I was not anticipating this response from you. I thought you were going to help save my friend, but you. For how long had this been going on? Neeti says are you okay? Pari inquires as to the location of Sanju. Neeti claims that she is present and in good health. What exactly took place? You really ought to count yourself lucky that he came to my rescue. To which Pari responds, “I am glad that he saved you, but what was that kiss?” According to Pari, all you care about is the kiss, not whether or not I am in danger. She asks if you have a possessive attitude toward me. It’s at this point that Pari shoves her and demands an answer. Neeti asks, “What exactly happened?” He owes it to me to give me a kiss. In what capacity do you seek clarification? Rajiv is advised by Monty to get out of there quickly. There is currently no one who can save you. Rajiv has told me that I need to face everything now.
Have some sense of shame, says Pari. You and Sanju had just gotten married, and you were making out with him here. She tells Rajiv that everyone is assuming that the two of you are husband and wife. Neeti has confirmed that we are husband and wife. Where do we go from here? You’ve had too much to drink. I kissed my husband Sanju. No, according to Pari; he is my husband, Rajiv. Neeti does not believe it. Neeti says are you drunk? He is Sanju. I am completely at your disposal with regard to him. My husband is this man. Pari says he’s my Rajiv. She encourages Rajiv to be honest with her and reveal the situation. You’re my Rajiv. Neeti has already said enough on the topic. You don’t even know your own husband, do you? That is my Sanju here. It’s either that you’ve had too much to drink, or someone slipped something else into it. My husband’s name is Sanju. According to Pari, he is my husband, Rajiv. Neeti asks, “Rajiv, where have you been?” Pari inquires as to the purpose of your call to Rajiv Sanju. Monty is invited, according to Neeti. She inquires as to who he is. Rajiv or Sanju? Monty, Pari has instructed you to tell everyone. This other Rajiv is speaking to you. We are all in the same house. Neeti has already said enough on the topic. Today, you have exceeded every one of the parameters set for you. Pari claims that you have exceeded all boundaries by kissing my husband. You were able to con me. At first, I thought you were my very best friend.
Neeti inquires of Sanju as to whether or not he can confirm his identity. Pari says Rajiv tell her you’re Rajiv. Whose spouse are you, exactly? Neeti asks Natasha. According to her, he is Sanju. She tells Pari that she ate something she shouldn’t have. Pari has instructed Rajiv to inform everyone that you are her husband. What exactly is going on? Neeti says Sanju says something. Pari instructs you to say that your name is Rajvi. Pari has heard enough yelling from Rajiv. Neeti is correct in her assessment. My wife is the woman in question. The revelation stuns Pari. I tied the knot with her. Do you have a problem? Indeed, this is the reality. Neeti asks if there is anything else you would like to know about this situation. She inquires as to the state of Pari’s well-being. Neeti claims that he is my husband. Where did we go wrong? After that, Pari asks, “Who am I?” Neeti calls you her friend. According to Pari, I am interested in his response. Who am I Rajiv?
According to Pari, Rajiv tells everyone who I am. Please let me know. I require a response. Make sure everyone knows who I am. He says that you are the source of the majority of my problems and the majority of my stress in my life. He relays the following information to Monty: “I spoke to her twice about love, and she believed that I love her.” He insists that there is no way that could ever happen. I never really cared about you or felt anything for you. He claims that there is no compatibility between us. I hail from the big city. Naman, please tell her how I am doing. And she is a native of the countryside. Neeti does not believe it. He says that he can’t even fathom the possibility of loving you. Neeti is the only other person that I care about. Pari asks, “Then why did you marry me and make my life so miserable?” Rajiv asserts that I was coerced. Who would be interested in marrying you? Two people have abandoned you. Your father approached potential spouses and begged them to marry you. What are you saying, considering that Pari claims that your mother is the one who brought the proposal? Rajiv claims that all she wanted was the land from your father. She desired for her to respect her. Neeti has been very special to me. I was able to regain my independence after marrying you, and shortly thereafter I wed Neeti. She is my entire world. I wouldn’t last a second without her by my side. Neeti does not believe it. Neeti slaps Rajiv.
Episode ends
Precap-Neeti is quoted as saying, “In all of my years, I have never met a more repulsive person than you.”

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