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Biji insists that the two of you should tie the knot. Tao ji believes we will all enjoy it. Chandrika wonders why is Pari so upset. Chandrika replies I would make Pari a bride myself. Biji claims that you will completely botch it, just like everything else. She confronts him with the question, “Amit, were you unable to find any girl in Punjab in the same way that you found a girl in Bengal?” Actually, according to Amit. Biji says what? Now give her a little bit of a Punjabi accent. Chandrika has stated that he is unable to ever take a stand for me. She requests that you instruct her on how to make a saag. After considering everything, Pari comes to the conclusion that she is unable to proceed. Bell rings. Amit opens, it’s Harman and Mandeep. Amit is happy to see them. Pari is perplexed as to why they are at that location. She asks me how I can tell the truth in this situation. They are first introduced to Biji by Parminder. Biji claims that we had the intention of remarrying Rajiv and Pari at some point. Harman suggests that we inquire as to whether or not the lady likes the gentleman. They all have a good time. Parminder inquires as to whether or not you like Rajiv and whether or not you would marry him again. Everyone in the room laughs. Pari is silent. Biji affirms that the answer is yes, of course. They have already tied the knot. Pari nods Pari has now entered the room. She tells me that I cannot make a joke about the role that Rajiv has played in the marriage. I have decided not to remarry Rajiv. After learning the truth, I am unable to take Neeti’s joy away from her. Rajiv has just entered the room. He inquires as to what took place. He offers his apologies. I won’t do that again. She claims that there won’t be another opportunity like this one again. Listen, there are disagreements between each and every relationship, but tell me what the issue is, says Rajiv. She claims that I am aware of everything. I saw you.. Where does he say that?Everyone gets ready for whatever is coming. Chandrika claims that I shall dance while wearing a border saree. Biji sasys you can’t dance like Punjabis. Biji tells Monty, “You shall dance with me,” and Monty agrees. He thinks I should get some rest. Bell rings. Harman informed Parminder that we have a present for her. Harman receives a call from Vicky. What exactly did he say transpired? Don’t be concerned. You can offer them whatever you want, according to Mandeep, but I won’t be giving them anything. He claims that I will hand the shagun over to Pari.Rajiv asks Pari what did you see? She leaves the room. Rajiv holds her hand. She insists that you release my hand. It rings in his earpiece. She instructs you to take your call. I’m guessing it’s your manager. You are going to be fired. Or has he already fired you? Do you not have a place of business open on Sundays? He inquires as to what the issue is. She claims that if I explain the situation to you, there will be a major complication. He asks if you have an issue with him marrying again or with me marrying another woman. She responded by saying, “Yes, I do have an issue with you marrying again.” Chandrika comes in. She claims that everyone is calling you and your husband to cut the cake. According to Rajiv, we will be there. Pari will accompany herNeeti calls Sanju. She claims that it is causing me a great deal of pain. Come, if you please. The nurses can’t help but laugh. He says don’t joke. He claims that I am under a lot of stress. Please don’t joke. She claims that you are more concerned about your job than your ill wife. The response he gives is, “No, no, I will leave everything if you say I love you right now.” What is Neeti saying at the moment? He says yes say I love you. Neeti says I love you. Rajiv sas I love you too neeti. I will be there. Ti is heard by Pari. After that, she proceeds downstairs. Rajiv asks Pari why she is acting so condescending toward him. In any case, I do not intend to wed her. Neither was anything I want the first time around.The arrival of Gurwinder Rajiv feels apprehensive about meeting him. They are all introduced to her. She meets Parminder. She requests that you at the very least greet me pleasantly. Parminder asks Rajiv to meet her. She questions what kind of magic Pari has performed. You don’t even call me. He claims that I have a lot of work to do. Rajiv is concerned about how he will respond to the invitation to attend the wedding. In her heart, Pari tells Rajiv to just say “no.” Everyone suggests that we should now cut the cake. Biji claims that she is having a wonderful time. Pari says this has caused me to lose all of my trust. When it came time to cut the cake, Rajiv took Pari’s hand in his. Pari whispers very quietly that it’s painful. They proceeded to cut the cake.


Pari tells Chandrika everything. She claims that I am unable to wed a man who has never regarded me as his wife. It reaches Rajiv’s ears. He drags her downstairs. Agni is sprayed with water by Pari (fire).

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