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Chandrika admonishes Pari to hold back her tears. According to Pari, you are unaware of what Rajiv has been up to. The door is rapping.. Chandrika says don’t cry. Gurwinder walks in and compliments the way my DIL presents herself. Go meet Biji, she wants to meet you. She exits the room. Pari, Chandrika tells you to wipe your tears away. She is perplexed as to what Rajiv has been up to. Pari asks Biji are you okay? She says no. My expectations were high for you. You are deserving of being disciplined. Pari says what? She instructs you to extend your hand to her. Pari extends her hand. Biji bestows a shagun and an idol onto her. She claims that your massage helped my pain get better. You are far and away the best option for Rajiv’s future wife. God will always be with you. He will explain everything to you step by step. The two embrace one another as Pari sobs. Biji assures me that my prayers are continuously with you. In her mind, Pari conveys the following sentiment to Rajiv: “I wish I could tell you what Rajiv did to me.” Biji recommends that you finish your rounds on time. It’s possible that I’ll need to go to the emergency room.The operation will now begin. The rounds are taken by Parminder and Tao Ji. Her hairline is filled in with Tao ji. Everyone cheers and starts clapping their hands. Biji says to Rajiv you look so handsome as a groom. Not another one, according to Simi. When will all of this excitement stop? Parminder begs Chandrika to bring Pari. Pari ruminates on the times she spent with Rajiv. Pari claims that she is at a loss on what to do. In the memory of Pari, Rajiv can be seen sobbing, pleading for Neeti’s life, and declaring his love for her. She has told me that I need to cease all of this if Rajiv does not regard me to be his wife. It’s time for me to make a choice. The day has finally come.Chandrika says Pari let’s go. According to Pari, I won’t be attending this wedding. Chandrika reports that there are visitors waiting outside. According to Pari, I cannot marry for appearances’ sake. This marriage is built on a foundation of lies. I won’t go. Kindly decline everyone’s request. Chandrika inquires as to what took place. Pari has instructed you to let everyone know that I will not marry Rajiv. Chandrika warns me that our reputation as a family will suffer if I speak up. What does Pari have to say about me? I won’t get married to someone who hasn’t ever thought of me as his wife. He was never a part of my life. He was.. Rajiv comes in. Rajiv said bhabhi you go, I will chat to her. Chandrika says keep calm. We are currently in conversation. Rajiv has assured me that I will take care of it; you shouldn’t be worried about it. She is leaving. Rajiv says let’s go, Pari. Everyone is holding their breath. Pari says I won’t marry you. He cautions not to act in this manner because our families are outside. What does she say about me and the issues I’m having? Rajiv has stated that we will look into that later. Respect for one’s family is more essential. Let’s go. He drags her. Leave my hand alone, according to Pari.Pari is dragged and dragged by Rajiv all the way to the mandap. Rajiv, according to Pari, should not hold my hand. The message from Parminder is to hurry up. Everyone is in a good mood. Pari makes her way to the mandap on foot. Parminder says come sit. Rajiv sits. Pari keeps standing. Everyone else chooses to sit with them. Rajiv asks Pari sit down, didn’t you hear pandit Ji? Pari doesn’t answer. Rajiv says I am talking to you. Pari moves to take a seat. Parminder asks Pari, “What exactly took place?” Take a seat. She isn’t listening to anyone. She was reminded of what Parminder had said, which was to “do what your heart says.” Just this once, take a stance. The words “think of God and do what he says you do” are something that Pari remembers Biji saying. The memory of Rajiv sobbing over Neeti comes to Pari. She hurls buckets of water at the flames. Everyone is taken aback by this. Rajiv is in an irate mood. I don’t want to marry him, Pari yells angrily. Parminder inquires about what took place. What did you do? Tao Ji asks what did you do Rajiv?The question is posed by Rajiv: who is this Pari? Why don’t you want to marry? Pari inquires as to the motivation behind your desire to remarry her. So nobody knows the real story behind our wedding, right? Nobody is aware of what it is that you have done to me. If you didn’t already know the value of marriage before we got married, you should at least educate yourself on the topic now. Do you even know what the meaning of this kind of connection is? What are you up to, given that there are visitors, as per Parminder? According to Pari, you advised me not to think about other people if my error could not be overlooked. This girl, according to Simi, is such a lout. Pari says that’s your brother. Rajiv says mind your language. Do not forget that I will not maintain my silence. She wants you to let everyone know how you managed to trick me. How could you lie to me like that? You’ve already told enough lies; now everyone will see the truth when it finally emerges. The act of getting married does not automatically make two people life mates. You need to support each other and stand together. You need to be there for one another at all times. Pari asks, “Have you ever given any thought to the fact that I could be your wife?” Have you ever loved me? Is there no truth to any of this? Are you trying to pass yourself off as my husband? He says what are you saying? What is a lie. She claims that you are acting as if nothing has happened to you. There is a limit to how much one can lie.That’s enough, Parminder tells Pari. You are exceeding every possible boundary. According to Pari, Rajiv has gone beyond all acceptable boundaries, and he has tricked me. Parminder explains what it is that he has been up to. Tell me. Rajiv says, “I will explain what the issue is” to the audience. During the meeting, she started yelling my name. I got enraged. I expressed my remorse to her at a later time. However, ever since that event, she has been irritated. You are causing so much drama over such a trivial matter, according to Parminder, aren’t you, Pari? Your Tao Ji says so many things in anger. You impressed me as a very wise person. I was under the impression that you kept the family together. However, according to Pari, this is not the case at all. I am able to maintain healthy relationships with the people in my life. Rajiv says you don’t. If you only knew, you wouldn’t be making fun of our loved ones in such a way. According to Pari, you shouldn’t yell at me.


To summarise, Pari claims that Sanju and Rajiv’s son Rajiv is married to my friend Neeti, and that Rajiv himself is Sanju and Rajiv. Rajiv accepts it. Pari is questioned by Taiji about the choice she has made.

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