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Pari screams. She instructs Neeti to open her eyes. She tells you that she will not speak to you and that you should open your eyes. She requests that people call an ambulance immediately. The promise that I won’t let anything bad happen to you comes from Pari. A man says you can use my taxi. Get moving! They come to get Neeti, and they take her to the ambulance.Simi tells Parminder that she saw the colours that her DIL showed her. Because of her, your other buddies insulted you a lot more than usual. Keep an eye on your DILs. Chandrika claims that Pari is not clumsy in such a way. She is almost certainly in some kind of bother right now. Wait here while I call her. She is stopped by Tai Ji. She has requested that you not contact her. I shall have a conversation with her when she arrives. She has made fun of both my affection and my independence. She will find out what options I have if you let her arrive.Neeti and Pari have hailed a taxi together. She assures you that she won’t stand for anything bad happening to you. She urges the driver to pick up the pace. According to Rakesh, Pari has passed away, but the need is still with us. I am going to severely punish her. Shera gives Rakesh a call and apologises to him for the fact that he ran away. Rakesh becomes enraged and proclaims, “I want Neeti at whatever cost.” Shera claims that she was in a collision. We don’t even know if she’s still alive or if she’s passed away. He claims that my dad is going to kill me. Keep up with them to determine which medical facility they will be visiting.

Rakesh’s brother is going to leave. Shera’s wife phones him and informs him that Rakesh’s dad has arrived at the house. He had been awaiting your arrival. Shera promises that he won’t abandon any of us, even if he discovers Rakesh is among us. Neeti is hurried to the hospital by Pari. She is grateful to the taxi driver. Neeti is hurriedly taken to the hospital by Pari. She dials the physician’s number. Neeti, your friend Pari asks you to kindly open your eyes. We shall live together because I can’t stand the thought of anything bad happening to you. You can have a fight with me if you only open your eyes. Neeti says, Pari.. To which Pari responds, “Thank God you’re conscious.” Could you please talk to me? Neeti has asked you to swear to her that you will look after Sanju and her mother. Pari says what are you saying. You have to get better. According to Neeti, it is your responsibility to look out for everyone. Neeti wants you to make a pledge to her that you will look after her needs no matter what. I won’t stand for anything bad happening to you. Neeti has trouble catching her breath. Pari screams. Neeti, she tells you that you can’t just walk away from me like this. Please give me Neeti. Open your eyes. You are in good hands with the physician.The physician examines Neeti. He asks that you notify the authorities. Please get the treatment underway, according to Pari. Please try to spare her life. He insists that the first step should be to contact the authorities. It is possible that this is an effort to murder. Pari claims that so you would let her die, right? You have an obligation to spare her life. He insists that I adhere to my own guidelines. Her odds of surviving are not very good at all. Finish up with the administrative tasks. According to Pari, where is your most senior doctor?Rajiv is concerned as to why Neeti is ignoring his calls and not picking up. He looks all over for his phone in an effort to give her a call back. His picture in the frame with Neeti fell, and the glass shattered. Rajiv argues that he does not believe in these ominous signs. He dials her number, but she doesn’t pick up the phone when he calls. Rajiv has a lot of concern for Neeti. He imagines Neeti. Rajiv expresses gratitude to God that he experienced fear. She says that you really should have thought about it. He claims that I was so frightened. Neeti asks, “What if I leave permanently?” He asserts, “I’m not going to allow that take place.” She claims that I am in a lot of pain because of you. I just can’t coexist with you. His boss approaches him and tells him that he missed the meeting. It is required of you to work here. Rajiv claims that he is sorry and that he was sleepy. Rajiv was envisioning her at the time. He is concerned for her health.Neeti’s life is in danger, and Pari makes a desperate plea to the senior physician to save her. She insists, however, that you must first contact the authorities. When they finally arrive, Pari asks, “What if my friend doesn’t make it?” She questions what will happen if she doesn’t make it out alive. What will happen if her relatives lodge a complaint? It is up to you to deal with it. You cannot act as her legal guardian. What if this was an unsuccessful effort to kill someone? Pari insists that you must protect her. She grabbed a knife and threatened to cut herself if her friend wasn’t rescued, saying that she would do it if you didn’t. Stop, recommends the attending physician. It’s fine, I’ll take care of her medical needs. It will begin with me. In the meantime, you should contact her relatives and the authorities.


Right now, Neeti and Pari are travelling together in a cab. She guarantees that she won’t just sit there and watch as anything unfavourable occurs to you. She asks the driver to pick up the tempo on multiple occasions. It has been reported by Rakesh that Pari has died away, but what we need is…

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