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Simi is now on the road. She claims that the politicians just take votes and don’t do anything about how horrible the roads are. The mud is splattered on Rakesh by her father. She asks, “Are you unable to see?” He expresses his regrets. She questions what good it would do to apologies. You don’t know how to drive, do you? He asks, “Are you familiar with my identity?” The path you’re walking on was constructed by me. My title is that of Member of the Legislative Assembly. She questions whether or not you can notice the damaged roadways. They are Mandeep and Harman, and they come to tell you that the public is aware of your truth. We are aware of how your son acts. The audience can resume their seats at this time. Simi claims that she will start a movement on social media to boycott Alawa. The rage has driven him away. The woman advises to just let it be. Simi says she believes I will have my revenge on him. They walk Simi to the vehicle together.

The question that Pari asks the doctor is whether or not Neeti will be okay. She is overcome with fear. They provide her with first assistance. According to the physician, we won’t be able to say anything. The amount of blood lost is significant. For Neeti, Pari goes to the temple to pray. She then puts tilak on her and tells her, “I will not let anything bad to happen to you.” Neeti is brought in to see the OT. Pari cries outside. When Pari thinks back on her time with Neeti, she smiles. Pari sobs and does prayers for her. Rakesh strikes Shera and asks, “You couldn’t manage a girl, could you?” If my father finds out, I’m going to pay for it with my life. Alawat has placed a call to Shera. He chooses. Shera receives information from Alawat regarding what took place with Simi. He asks me, what ought I to do? Where exactly are you? He says to come visit me in the city hospital. Shera terminates the call. Pari completes the registration form. Pari signs it. Are you a member of her immediate family, as the nurse inquires?Shera reveals to Rakesh that Neeti is still alive. However, he warns that she may become a problem for us in the future. I am going to finish her off immediately. According to Rakesh, it’s already beyond our control. Pari says I am like her sister. I have known her since I was a child. She is everything to me, and we are very much like a family. The doctor has advised me that I cannot break any more regulations for you. I need the signature of one of her blood relatives or her husband on the document. Give them a call as soon as possible. You do not belong to her family. Pari has asked that you please treat her. How could you put her life at danger! The natural world is the origin of our connection. She has been here with me more than she has been with her family. How can I let her die?? Help me to save her. Is it noteworthy that anything is more important than her life? Help me to save her. The physician advised that I cannot breach any more restrictions. Her situation has not changed. It is now your turn to contact her family members at this location. Concern is weighing on Pari. Pari runs out. She locates her phone and gives Sanju’s number a ring on it. Pari asks Sanju why she isn’t picking up the phone when she calls her. I’m not allowed to phone her mother since it will make her more concerned. Neeti, Pari begs you to get better so she can see you again soon, she says. Could you kindly open your eyes? There, she cries in private. Rakesh is seen entering the hospital. He is inquiring about Neeti. The nurse has stated that her condition is quite critical. He wants to know where she is. He hears it from the nurse. Pari tries to call Sanju. Rakesh takes cover. Pari catches a glimpse of his back. He walks outside. Pari goes after him. He runs. The physician has stopped Pari. Rakesh hides. The physician has instructed us to immediately begin the operation on her, so please contact her relatives. Without their permission, we can’t get started on it. Neeti’s spouse isn’t picking up the phone, according to Pari, who reports this to the doctor. According to him, we won’t be able to operate on her until she gives us permission beforehand.


Rakesh has instructed me to put an end to Neeti. Pari makes an effort to locate Neeti’s phone but is unsuccessful. Sanju is patiently waiting for Neeti.

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