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Rakehs enters Neeti’s space in the castle. A nurse visits that location. He is secretive. Who are you, exactly, the nurse inquires? Rakesh exits the cave. He told me that I must now kill two other people. He says I.. I came to meet Neeti. She instructs everyone to wait outside. He claims that I had my eyes on the outer world. The nurse reports that she isn’t feeling well just yet. Let us do our job. Rakesh tells himself, “In my heart, I have to kill Neeti.” The nurse wants to know how you are connected to your relative. According to him, I am a relative of hers. I got a call. She asks if it would be possible for you to sign the paperwork at the reception. Rajiv has a lot of concern for Neeti. He searches everywhere for his phone. Sanju gives a presentation during the meeting. They are given a break for the next five minutes. Rajiv sees Neeti’s missed calls. He gives her another call. No one answers the phone. He describes the current situation. He speculates that she may have gone to see her mother. He places a call to Sukhwinder and inquires about Neeti. She asks why she can’t be with you. It sounds like she’s on board, according to him. Sanju comes to the realisation that she, too, is absentThe phone of Neeti is looked at by Pari. She notices that Sanju is calling. Sanju continues to attend the meeting. Sanju says I am coming Jai. Go. Neeti, Sanju asks where you have been. He asks her to get in touch with him at her earliest convenience. He is leaving to go to the meeting. Pari calls him. The call from Pari is returned, but he has already gone to the meeting. According to Pari, I have no idea where he even works. She says some prayers for Neeti.Shera has warned that we will be unable to move if anyone sees this van. Alawat arrives there and slaps him across the face. He asks, “What are you trying to keep from me?” He claims that Rakesh was here. He divulges every detail to him. Alawat asks, “Why do you both want to make a mess of my career?” Rakesh will show up. He tells his father, “I won’t leave her alive.” According to what he claims, we have no choice. Why did you choose to let her live? You will make my party a total disaster. He requests that they both leave as soon as possible. Rakesh insists that Neeti must pass away. Shera warns that accusations could be made against you. He claims that I won’t do it. Alawat was seen by Mandeep and Harman outside of the hospital. What exactly is he doing, asks Simi. To begin, he would have to report to the local police station. She leaves the house to check. Harman claims that we are required to wait for her. Mandeep recommends that we get going.At the hospital, Pari is seen sitting and sobbing to herself. She asks whether it’s okay if I call Rajiv. I understand that he must be busy, but I really need his support. Pari calls Rajiv. He’s driving. Rajiv talks in rage I am busy don’t interrupt me. According to Pari, I truly need you. According to him, Tai Ji must have offered some commentary. Already, I find myself to be somewhat unsettled. He cuts off the call. Pari criesWhen Rajiv gets home, he immediately starts thinking about Neeti. He says that you are everything to me. Everything in my life seems pointless and meaningless without you. Please go back to your house. Chandrika inquires about the recent events. He maintains that a husband and wife are not whole without one another. The answer that she gives is that Pari is wonderful. He says not.. Rajiv says nothing. Neeti, according to Rajiv, where have you been? My aching chest can’t take it. Chandrika calls Pari. Pari tells her Neeti encountered an accident. Her condition is pretty precarious at this point. According to Chandrika, we will be going there. Let me tell Rajiv. Pari says dont’ tell him. He will get frightened. Tai ji must be angry. Chandrika has instructed us not to worry about her. Concentrate on Neeti.The physician inquires to find out whether or not Pari has spoken with Neeti’s spouse. Pari says he’s not picking. According to her, her situation is really serious. Put him on the phone right immediately. When Pari looks at Neeti, she feels the want to cry. She urges Pari to open her eyes and look around. Rakesh walks inside the house. He is secretive. According to him, Neeti must pass away. Harman, who is there, is accompanied by Mandeep and Simi. He asks what I ought to do at this juncture. Rakesh hides. They are on the lookout for Alawat. Rakesh is mystified as to why they are seeking for his father. Neeti is escorted back to her room by Pari. They can now see her. Harman inquires about Neeti’s well-being and whereabouts. According to Pari, she had been involved in a collision. They cannot believe it. According to her, the medical professionals won’t treat her until Sanju arrives at the facility.



A shot is administered to Neeti by Precap-Sanju. Her condition deteriorates further. Pari screams for the attention of the doctor.

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