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Neeti dies after Rakesh removes her breathing mask and then suffocates her with a pillow. He claims that no one can pick a fight with me. Pari comes out. Rakesh is hiding. Pari has the impression that she saw someone. She glances around the room. Pari is aware of the cushion. She reveals who is hiding behind the cloak. He gets hit by Pari. He is trying to hide his face. Rakesh runs. The arrival of Mandeep and Harman According to Pari, there was an attempt made by someone to hurt Neeti. He was decked up in an all-black hoodie. I believe she is referring to Rakesh in her statement. Since the morning, he had been observing my every move. She urges Mandeep to watch out for Neeti and be her guardian. Pari told me that I need to go to the police station. Anyone might be hurt by him.Alawat slaps Rakesh. He questions whether you are even aware of the difference between good and wrong. You will prevent me from participating in the elections in the future. Rakesh claims that everything is going wrong because of you, Pari. When I finally tie the knot, I shall settle the score. Rakesh takes damage from Alawat. Shera asks that you kindly just leave him alone. Alawat has said that she will hang both of you if you do not stop right now. If my elections go poorly, I shall put an end to both of you. He will depart. Rakesh has told me that I cannot continue living like way. Shera believes that he is correct. If we can’t keep you hidden, the elections will be lost.Harman claims that he was not present anywhere. The physician has instructed that no one may enter the hospital. Pari claims that he intended to cause Neeti harm. The doctor asks, “Are you sure that she was in a car accident?” Pari claims that she has the impression that someone tried to hit her. I am confident Rakesh Alawat did it. This time, I will not give in and let him go. I will have him arrested and taken to jail. This is what he did to Neeti. She claims that I am heading to the local police department. Harman suggests beginning by obtaining footage from the CCTV system. Shera urges Rakesh not to lose his composure. He believes that we will be able to address this situation in a few days. He says you’re talking like my dad only. It seems like money is more of a priority for your party. Shera asserts that the situation is not as described. Rakesh claims that you are unable to handle the company of a female. According to Shera, you couldn’t even deal with Pari. Because of you, I had no choice but to punch Neeti. I was of assistance to you in every way. It’s because of you that I lied to Alawat. You were always like a brother to me. The rage has driven him away. Rakesh encourages you to proceed.Pari watches the footage from the CCTV camera. She is unable to see Rakesh in the picture. It is put in rewind by Pari. She is able to see Rakesh. She interpreted that to mean that I was correct. She reveals si tot Harman and tells him that he would be going to jail now. Shera has a hearing. Rakesh is warned by Shera that he is likely to go into trouble. Pari viewed the footage from the CCTV camera. She will report the incident to the authorities. In the words of Rakesh, what are our plans? Shera tells me that you will take care of it on your own now. You didn’t take anyone’s advice at all. He states that Neeti caused me to become angry. Please come to my rescue. My dad will murder me. You are required to carry out one task, according to SheAccording to Pari, it is now time for you to pay for the faults you’ve made. Rakesh. A warden and Pari come into collision. Her bag collapses. It turned out to be Shera’s boyfriend. He removed the evidence from her purse and hid it.Sanju is concerned about Neeti’s well-being. He reports to the police station that his wife has gone missing, and that she is also unable to reach her phone. He asks if you have any cases with you. The inspector would like to know, what is your name? Sanju says Neeti. He says Neeti Juneja? Sanju says yes. According to Sanju, do you have any information? He claims that a terrible thing happened to your wife. Currently, she is staying in a facility located in the city. Rajiv is caught off guard. She exhales forcefully. Pari visits the station where she works. Rajiv and Pari have no contact with one another.



Sanju visits the medical centre in this precap. The beginning of the operation. Rajiv is heard pleading, “Please save my Neeti, doctor!” She is my wife and the one I adore. Please help me to save her; I can’t go on without her. It is where Pari goes. She can’t believe it.

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