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While we are driving, Rajiv starts crying and saying things like “I am such an idiot.” I believed you had stopped talking to me and were still in the hospital, where you must be in a lot of discomfort. I was absent during your time of need. It was wrong of me to refuse your request. I can no longer take this. I will tell everyone that you are my wife, and that the only person I love is you. Not Pari. Only you’re my wife. The next stop for Pari is the police station. At the entrance, they inspect both her and her bag for any prohibited items. The female speaker asks, “What is this?” This medicine? Pari says it’s not my. She forces her to go inside. The inspector hears it from her. The statement made by Pari was, “I don’t know what is she doing in my bag.” I have no information about that matter. I needed to come here to fill out a report. Constable claims that she is providing an explanation. Pari questions why I would bring it to this place. My friend has been accepted. Someone struck her in the face. He tells me that I can’t submit a complaint until this is looked into first.Shera and Rakesh both let out a laugh. What a strategy, according to Rakesh. Well done. Shera is quoted as saying, “I learned it all from you.” It is now possible for you to kill Neeti. It was a male, according to what Pari told me. It has to have been him who put it. Please take legal action against the individual who hurt my friend. According to him, I need to look into it. Rakesh is informed by the warden that Neeti would pass away anyhow. He recommends that you smash the wheels of her bed so that she will tumble off the ramp. Pari is visited by Harman. He claims that what took place was.. The inspector reports that these pills were discovered in her suitcase. We will conduct an investigation. Pari claims that these narcotics are not hers. He warns, “Don’t argue or I’ll come and arrest you.Neeti is visited by Rajiv. He sobs while clinging to her hand. Neeti, he tells you that he is sorry. Please take care of your health so that we can travel to Amritsar. He places a kiss on her forehead. Mandeep is outdoors. She sees Rakesh outdoors. He is approached by Mandeep. She tells Pari to stop chasing after her because she is married. Shera tells the old woman to keep her mouth quiet. According to Mandeep, I am not an old person. Keep a safe distance from Pari. Shera says we can murder you too. Mandeep cautions you to not mention that. I will locate for you a girl who is far more desirable than Pari. Mandeep sees Shera pass out.The physician explains to Sanju that Neeti’s condition is really serious at this time. There has been a significant amount of blood lost by her. Just say your prayers. The security guards lead Pari out of the room. The wheels have some play in them. They leave it in the area close to the steps. The meet is dropped. Her head bleeds more. She experiences a seizure. People travel to get there. The doctor is accompanied by Sanju. Rajiv arrives there in a sprint. It is said that Neeti. You have my support. He holds her. The ward boy reports that the wheel is broken. The doctor asks, “Can’t you just use the elevator?” Sanju chose Neeti. According to Harman, our daughter will never be able to achieve it. He insists that she answer my queries immediately. According to Harman, she has not done anything wrong. He claims that there were drugs in her purse. According to Pari, there is a serious threat to the life of my friend. I am required to travel there. He gives the order for his meal. Pari says kindly let us go. He asks, “Why don’t you eat first?” I require evidence. Harman receives a request from Pari to call Mandeep and Sanju. Mandeep is not available when he phones her, so he hangs up. Harman asserts that he is certain that she is dining in the open air. Pari warns the inspector that she would take legal action against him if her close friend suffers any kind of injury. He warns people to be quiet or else they will be arrested.The surgical consent forms are signed by Sanju. Mandeep is tied in the van. She asks what I should say to them to let them know that I am trapped within. According to Harman, she is simply concerned with herself. Concern has been expressed by Pari concerning Neeti. Pari’s bail is posted as a result of Chandrika’s arrival. She expresses her gratitude to her. Pari says that you came to my rescue earlier today. Chandrika says you’re my sister. Don’t freak out. Pari requests that she return home.The beginning of the operation. Sanju waits outside and prays for her while she is inside. He assures me that in a little while you will feel better, at which point you will join me outside, and we will continue on to our house. I swear that we will never argue or quarrel again. The doctor has just emerged. According to her, Neeti is in a critical state. The operation will start in just a few minutes. Because her condition is deteriorating, it is imperative that we get there as soon as possible. Rajiv says let me look please.. It causes him to freak out. The door is opened for him. They manage to halt him. Rajiv cries. Pari comes out. Harman encourages her to relax and not be concerned. He assures us that everything will be OK with Neeti. They then proceed inside. According to the nurse, the patient’s blood pressure is quite low. She exits the building. Rajiv inquires with the nurse regarding her condition. She advises you to wait outside in the foyer. Her condition is pretty precarious at this point. She wants to place an order for drugs. The nurse reports that Neeti’s condition has significantly deteriorated to the receptionist. According to her, her spouse is present as well. Harman has confided in me to retrieve the medication. You go to OT. Neeti is about to receive cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and the doctor is getting ready to administer it. The rate of her heartbeat has not increased. They proceed to give her another jolt. The physician has stated that her body is not reacting.Rajiv prays for for Neeti. The doctor puts in a call to another specialist. She has said that we are dependent on you to rescue her. She relays the information to Rajiv that she is not responding to any treatment. I have dialled my boss’s number. It’s possible that he can make a difference. sanju says plz save my Neeti. I ask you, please hear me out. She insists that you should let me do my task. Sanju states that he has a lot of love for his wife. Rajiv breaks down in tears and begs for Neeti’s rescue. My wife, my life, and the woman I love most in the world. She has a lot of my love. I can’t imagine my life without her. She has a lot of my love. Help me to save her. Where will I turn if I don’t have her? Without her, I will not survive. It is where Pari goes. She can’t believe it. She is really taken aback. Rajiv asks that his wife’s life be spared. I beseech you. Please. According to the physician, there is nothing more I can do. I contacted the senior attending physician. Please try to save her, Rajiv asks. I beg you to save my wife. According to Pari, this suggests that Rajiv is actually Sanju. She hides her shocked face behind a pillar.



Precap-Rajiv asserts that the strength of our love is overrated. You always had and always will have your Sanju with you. Pari stares at him. The physician comes in and expresses his regret to Rajiv. She claims that Neeti is no longer around. A stunned Pari just sits there.

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