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Rajeev is heard appealing with the doctor to save his wife’s life, and Parineeti can hear him. He tells her that she is the most important thing in his life, that he is your Sanji and will always be yours, that he loves her, and that he will die with her if something bad happens to her. Hearing all of that causes Parineeti to cry. She goes to sleep by lying down on the ground and going to sleep.After the thugs have Mandeep in their custody, she tells me that I need to have a level head in order to get what I want from them. The thugs discuss among themselves about her. Rakesh believes that it is for the best that she is here with us.When some nurses discover Parineeti unconscious on the floor, they spray water on her. She comes to shortly after and remembers all that has occurred. The nurse checks on her to see whether everything is okay. They begin taking her from there, but Rajeev is still there and doesn’t see her being taken.Rakesh claims that there is no one who can save Neeti at this point, and that he has already dispatched a nurse to murder her. In the event that Parineeti does not become my property, she will be arrested. When the nurse arrived, she informed them that their work had already been completed. However, once her husband came, they immediately began treating her for the bleeding she had been experiencing. Rakesh gives him a slap and tells him, “You are worthless.” Mandeep takes it all in, and it terrifies him. Rakesh claims that I will not show mercy to Neeti and Pari.The nurse ushers Pari into the waiting room and reassures the patient’s companion that the friend is currently undergoing treatment. Pari thinks back to the time she married Rajeev and the times they spent together. She can still clearly remember Rajeev telling her that Neeti is his wife and that he has feelings for her. The memories bring tears to Pari’s eyes, and she sobs.Outside of the operating theatre, Rajeev is heard saying, “I pledged to protect Neeti, but she is battling for her life and I cannot do anything to help her.” The physician requests that he produce his identification. Rajeev runs to submit it. After leaving the OT, Pari approaches the doctor and inquires about Neeti. The surgeon informed us that we had to cancel the procedure since she was in grave danger, so we immediately dialled the number of a more experienced surgeon. Because Neeti’s life is more important to Pari than anything else, it is my responsibility to protect her. Neeti’s well-being is on Pari’s mind while she prays.After Rajeev has handed over his identification at the front desk, Monty will call him and ask him why he is crying. Rajeev informed me that Neeti was in a car accident; could you kindly come here? According to Monty, I shall go there, but Dadi will accompany me. Rajeev says just pray for Neeti. Rajeev believes he would not survive without Neeti and begins to pray for her health. It is from there that he departs. Pari approaches the front desk in order to inquire about Neeti. The nurse has asked her to give Neeti’s husband his identification, as he has left it here. When Pari examines the ID, she notices that Sanju’s name is written on it. She believes that this signifies that Rajeev and Sanju are one and the same. First, Pari thinks back to her own wedding, and then she thinks of Neeti’s wedding. She claims that I arranged a marriage between my husband and our mutual closest friend, so she doesn’t understand why Rajeev would cheat us in this way.While Rajeev is waiting for Neeti outside of the hospital, he daydreams about her approaching him. Rajeev has stated that he cannot survive without you and that he cannot lose you. He says that you are my life, that my life is centred on you, that you are my power, and that you are also my terror. I can take on the entire world for you, but I can’t seem to track down death. I love you a lot therefore I can’t lose you. Neeti assures me that I am always with you and that our hearts are united, which means that I will always live in your heart; yet, I need to depart at this time. Rajeev holds her and says don’t leave me. Without you, I won’t be able to function.Pari travels to the mandir in order to pray for Neeti’s continued survival. This is not the appropriate way to discipline her. Pari breaks down in tears and confronts Mata Rani with the question of what it is that she did wrong to deserve such treatment.



The medical staff is doing everything they can to extend Neeti’s life. Pari is praying that she will not lose her life. The medical professionals are pessimistic and claim that there is no chance of saving her.

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