Police Raids Atta Tarar’s House In Lahore

Atta’s home was searched by the police early on Saturday morning. However, he was not at the house at that particular moment.
The police issued a statement in which they made it clear that they had not detained anybody from Tarar’s residence. According to the police, they have notified him to report to the local police station in conjunction with an investigation that is now underway.
Atta Tarar is said to have been complicit in the torturing of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) activists during the long march that took place on May 25. This accusation has been levelled against him.
A course of action against the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader has been given the go-ahead by the Chief Minister of Punjab, Chaudhery Pervaiz Elahi.
On Friday, 12 SHOs were removed from their positions after being accused of using violence on workers during the PTI long march.
It is important to point out at this juncture that the PML-N administration that came before this one initiated a number of legal proceedings against PTI officials and members.
According to 24NewsHD TV channel, in response to the police raid on his home in Lahore, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister (SAPM) Ataullah Tarar stated on Saturday that he did not believe Punjab Home Minister Hashim Dogar to be such a non-serious man. Tarar was commenting in response to the fact that police had searched his residence.
Ata Tarar questioned him in a tweet as to the purpose for bringing the police to his residence, which is where he had been residing for the last 15 years.
He continued by saying that he did not see how a minister could lead a ministry when he stooped to such a low level. He offered the following advice: “Don’t go too far in defending the anti-state narrative.”
Early on Saturday morning, the police conducted a search warrant at Ata’s residence. However, he was not at the house at that particular moment.

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