Punyashlok Ahilya Bai (21 June 2022) Written Update [PAB]

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At the beginning of the episode, Krishna recalls how her husband would abuse her by beating her and yelling at her. He claims that you believe I will be frightened, that if anything is proven in the darbar, then I will be punished for a short time, that you can’t imagine what I will do, that I will abandon you both, that you will have no respect, and that you will beg on the road. He says that you think I will get scared. The god Krishna weeps. She pleads him. He claims that it is your duty to always pay attention to what your husband has to say; else, you will be disgraced. I will do what you say, but please don’t leave us behind, she says. He replies, “Fine, but there’s one condition.” FB finishes. Krishna tells me that my husband has a lot of love for both Gomti and me. Gomti challenges her to tell the truth in the situation. Krishna claims that I am quite content with him. According to Shantaram, the complaint that was made against me is meaningless.

Gunuji responds, “I have already informed you that this subject does not deserve to be in the darbar. Such petty disagreements that arise inside the family are not grounds for sending a member to jail, because family members cannot send each other to prison.” Khanderao advises that one must keep their obligations in order, that you should resolve the problems, that Gomti should not have any misunderstandings, and that they should properly raise her. Gunu ji begs them to go now. Gomti states but I didn’t get justice. She is invited to come by Krishna. Gunu ji forecasts that everyone would become agitated and then leave the darbar. Ahilya experiences feelings of concern for Krishna. Harku is able to calm her down. Ahilya receives a visit from Krishna. She claims that Gomti is the one who thinks up these stories. Ahilya tells her, “I have seen your wounds; don’t invent lies about them.” Krishna informed me that I will not be able to come to give the massage after today; you should take care of things. Ahilya encourages her to push through her anxiety and overcome it. She assures you that she is on your side and that she will seek justice on your behalf. Krishna exits. Gomti approaches Shantaram with her request to release her. Gunu ji has told me that Khanderao will do whatever it is that I want if I simply get out of here. They are leaving. Ahilya vows that she will discover the truth and that she will not allow any injustice to befall Krishna.

Ahilya is examined by Vaid ji, who tells her that very soon the palace would be filled with the sound of her unborn child laughing. Ahilya is grateful to him. She hands a note to Sarja with the request that she deliver it to Tukoji, and she does so. She claims that she is not going to put her child in any danger and that she will not allow Praja to experience any kind of difficulty. Khanderao is visible to them. He gives a pleasant smile before saying, “I recently met Vaid ji, and he informed me that your health is excellent, but I’m wondering something.” She inquires as to what took place. He informs me that Vat Poornima will occur tomorrow; in that case, is it necessary for you to fast? She appears to be smiling. She maintains that we do not have to make any concessions on the issues. He claims that I am unable to keep the fasts. She claims that the rituals only serve to deepen the connection between the partners, pointing out that many women do not receive love and respect from their husbands and asking who would want her husband to beat her. He says this to ensure that you are aware of the situation with Krishna. It is clear that she is agreeing. When Shantaram sees Krishna, he becomes enraged. He calms down after remembering what Gunu ji had said. Khanderao has stated that the subject is moot, and Krishna has stated that she is extremely content with her life and that she does not have any issues with her spouse. She says Krishna is lying. He inquires whether or not you have any proof. She claims that she saw agony and terror in her eyes and that she had shown them to her. He claims that Krishna’s neighbours did not see anything of the such, and that we are obligated to believe what Krishna said in the assembly, which is that “I will send someone with your food.” He is leaving. Shantaram chats to Gomti. Before you inform anybody else, he advises you to question me first. As your father, I will answer all of your questions and put your mind at ease. Tukoji looks on. When he reaches Ahilya, he tells her that he has followed the instructions and that Shantaram did not act inappropriately with Krishna. Shantaram prays. He invites Krishna to join them. He promises, “I swore to God that I will give you everything that you deserve, and I am your Lord, your destiny.” Gomti looks on.


Shantaram puts Krishna in a headlock and tells him, “I will punish you.” Krishna passes out on the ground. Gomti lets out a yell. Ahilya sees Krishna.

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