Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 22 June 2022 Full Episode Written Update

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 22 June 2022 New Episode Written Update on WrittenLab.com

At the beginning of the episode, Shantaram inflicts pain on Krishna and orders her to send Gomti to collect some milk. Gomti is dispatched while Krishna weeps. Ahilya believes that the problem with Krishna has shaken her up within, that there would be many other women who are plagued by this problem, and that perhaps those ladies lack the confidence to face it. Tukoji claims that they will put up with anything but will remain silent about it. She claims that this is now sufficient. They argue that in order to combat a significant issue, we need to improve our capabilities. She is saying that we need to grow my army right now since Vat Poornima is tomorrow and it is a sign of the love between a husband and wife. She reveals some sort of scheme. Gomti arrives home. Shantaram reports that Krishna prepared the meal and then travelled to Kanta Mausi, where he requested that I serve it to the two of you. He remembers taking Krishna to an unknown location and tying her up there. He threatens to punish you for supporting Gomti, saying that you will be tied here for the entire night and that you would observe a fast for him the next day like a perfect wife would. She sheds a tear. Gomti cries. Tukoji travels to the village and communicates with the locals there. Gomti notices Shantaram asleep. She leaves the house in order to visit Krishna. The sound of some dogs barking can be heard. Yamuna sees Ahilya heading out. After him, she comes. She thinks she must be mistaken because Ahilya should be sleeping at this hour, but then she sees a servant. Ahilya makes contact with the locals. When Gomti finds Krishna bound, she says, “Dad, are you sure you were the one who tied you up?” She sets her free. When the ropes were opened, Krishna said, “Don’t open them; let me stay here.” Gomti has indicated that we will proceed to inform Ahilya the truth. Don’t be so adamant about it, says Krishna; we won’t be doing this. They shed tears. It is the morning, and Ahilya is in the temple praying to Shiv ji. Gomti makes her way there and begins to cry. Ahilya comes across her and decides to take her along with her. She consoles Gomti. She inquires about the situation from her. She wants to know how Krishna is doing. Gomti claims that Krishna would perish because my father will kill her because he tied her to the tree the night before. Ahilya is concerned.

Get justice for her, pleads Gomti, who cries out, “Save her; I can’t live without her.” Ahilya gives her a hug. However, the difficulty is that she is not telling the truth when she states that Krishna will definitely get justice. Gomti tells people that she is terrified of her father, but this is a lie. Krishna appears and confirms that his statement is accurate. The women are getting ready for the festival of Vat Poornima. They all share a hearty chuckle. Parvati responds, “I have never observed this fast before; but, I am Khanderao’s wife, and I will perform this puja and ask him for the next seven births.” Today, Gautama requests that Harku get the puja plate ready for Ahilya to use. Harku says sure. Dwarka explains that Parvati’s goal in each of her rebirths is to marry Khanderao, and he suggests that you might end up with the same Sautan. The words of Shantaram come back to Krishna. She claims that I elucidated Gomti on numerous occasions. It is difficult to convey to Ahilya that it is not just you who are reliant on him; he is depending on you as well. He questions why you are willing to put up with the tortures. Krishna responds with a no, stating that my husband is free to find another wife and divorce me. Because of your cruel comments, I believe you want to get rid of us, so I suggest you not to perform puja for Malhar today. Gautama states that our good days can’t get any terrible sight. Our good days can’t get any poor sight.

Gomti is erroneous, Krishna tells her, because there is no issue between us and I am content with my husband. Ahilya tells me that today is Vat Poornima, and she wants to know if you agree that your family is a model family. Krishna says I m trying. Ahilya would tell you that you are the only one trying, that he acts worse than an animal, that there is still time, that you can tell everyone about what occurred with you, that your life may change, and that it is time for you to punish him. Krishna explains that because I am not allowed to hear negative things about him, I am unable to discipline him. She takes Gomti. Ahilya warns that if you continue to stay in this fire, not only will you but also your Gomti perish; after that, you will be completely helpless and unable to do any action. Krishna has instructed me to perform the pooja right away. They will be leaving together.


Krishna gets knocked to the ground. Ahilya tells her to drink water and eat food in order to stay alive. According to the lady, she is unable to sip water.

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