Punyashlok Ahilya Bai (23 June 2022) Episode Written Update

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai (23 June 2022) Episode Written Update On writtenlab.com

At the beginning of the episode, Gautama and Dwarka are engaged in a humorous argument. They laughed at it. Gautama asks Rakma to call Ahilya. According to Rakma, Ahilya will not be coming because she has been hosting a darbar in her room since the morning. A plan to pass legislation against domestic abuse is something that Ahilya has been working on. She claims that many women are victims of domestic abuse, that violence is a crime, and that she would like your permission to enact this law because it will bring about justice for women. Since Gunu ji has instructed us not to meddle in the Praja’s private affairs, it is unclear how we are supposed to instruct a husband in his relationship with his wife. She confirms this, but reassures us that we can shed light on the situation. Gangoba asserts that laws cannot be enacted, that we are able to assist them in the event that they file a complaint, and that a king should not intervene in the affairs of his subjects’ families. She asks, “If the house isn’t safe, then how will we receive the complaints? Women can’t say anything since they are shackled by their relations, like Krishna,” and she goes on to explain that she doesn’t believe that this is possible. Gunu ji says Krishna got a chance but didn’t say anything. Khanderao maintains that someone might circumvent this regulation by just lying. According to Ahilya, even a wife might be induced to lie by terror. He asks how you can judge who is lying, how you can be so sure, I understand your goals, this law will create additional difficulties, it is not good to instate the law for Krishna, and we do not have any proof against Shantaram. He also states that we do not have any evidence against Shantaram. She implores them to put their faith in her. She believes that she is certain that Shantaram will be the first criminal to be apprehended as a result of this law. Gomti asks Krishna whether she is experiencing any feelings of weakness. Krishna has instructed me to continue my fast. Gomti inquires about the purpose of her current fast. In addition, Ahilya and all of the queens are present for the puja.

Because this is Parvati’s first fast, Ahilya believes that she should be the one to do the first puja. She invites Parvati to come first so that she can perform the pooja. Parvati laughs and begins the puja, and then Ahilya and the other deities join in. Ahilya is introduced to the women of the hamlet. Krishna is overcome by exhaustion and passes out. Gomti lets out a yell. Ahilya has now turned around and can see Krishna. Ahilya decides to go and assist. She sprinkles water. Krishna gets up. She told me that I am not allowed to drink water because I am on a fast. Ahilya believes that your health is very important. Gomti claims that she has not consumed anything since the evening. According to Lady, it is the responsibility of a wife to fast for the sake of her husband. Ahilya claims that her spouse is not providing for her needs in any way. Gunu ji asserts that the implementation of this rule will wreak havoc on society. Ahilya engages in conversation with the females. She claims that fasting isn’t necessary if your health doesn’t allow it, that’s why she didn’t keep the fast herself because she’s pregnant and because Krishna is sick. For the sake of her daughter, she begs Krishna not to become frail and to protect her own life at all costs. She requests that she have some water from her.

Gomti asks Krishna to drink. The water is swallowed by Krishna. The woman claims that if her husband finds out about this, then she has no idea what will take place. Tukoji suggests that we should consider the viewpoints of other people. Gunu ji advises that you keep quiet about this subject so that Khanderao and I can debate and make a decision about it. Khanderao inquires as to the motivation of your conversation with Tukoji in such a manner. I have been told by Tukoji that I do not have the right to decide, but I do have the right to offer my opinion, and I am concerned about Khanderao. He is leaving. It is time for Krishna to go back home. Shantaram is currently imbibing with some of his close buddies. He kicks his friends to the curb. Krishna is harmed by him. He reprimands her for eating during the fasting period. Gomti cautions her children to be kind with their sick mother. She falls on the ground after he pushes her. The words of Ahilya come back to Krishna. Shantaram asserts that nothing untoward took place to her, so watch what I do now. When Ahilya approaches, she implores him to halt in that very spot. He concerns seeing her. Gomti hugs Ahilya. Ahilya gets angry. Krishna confirms that you were correct, that this man is a devil, and that we need your protection from him.


According to the woman, Krishna is responsible for her husband’s detention, and she has thus chosen the path that leads to hell. Ahilya instructs the ladies to imagine that they are Krishna and to act accordingly. She has stated that I am standing by her side.

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