Punyashlok Ahilya Bai (27 June 2022) Written Update [PAB]

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The episode begins with Shantaram rejecting responsibility for what happened. He is able to defend himself in court by thinking back to what Gunu ji said. He apologises and explains that this is the first time today that I have raised my hand. The general consensus is that he is correct and that no husband could put up with this. Shantaram, Ahilya says that you are lying, this is not the first time that you have raised your hand on Krishna, even if we believe it, then why did you raise your hand on her? It is wrong to raise your hand on a woman; it is a crime when a man uses his power to torture a woman; you should be punished for this action. Shantaram explains that he works hard in the fields, and then he comes home and gets accused by his wife. He says that he accepts his error, that he is sorry, and that he cannot be punished for lifting his hand on his wife once. The ministers have Shantaram’s best interests at heart. According to Gunu ji, Shantaram has been telling the truth. Krishna had informed us that she is content with her husband, but today she is saying something else; how can we believe her? We ought to put an end to this situation right here; otherwise, women would get into the habit of making up stories. We shall investigate whether or not Ahilya is correct in her assertion that wives simply invent tales to extol their husbands and cover up any shortcomings on their partners’ parts. She makes a call to the locals. She claims that they are neighbours of Krishna and Shantaram, and that they will tell the truth to you. Ahilya remembers first making contact with the villagers. She appeals to the general populace for assistance in rescuing Krishna. She claims that we are capable of resolving the issue of domestic abuse. She urges us to consider the following scenario: your daughter is a victim of domestic violence, and no one comes to aid her. Helping a person who is suffering will teach your daughters valuable lessons, so set a positive example for them. Gunu ji argues that we have heard their remark previously, so there is no need to repeat it.

Khanderao claims that Shantaram and Krishna also gave the testimonies, and that you had dispatched the men to take the statements from the villagers, but now that they have been here, they should be allowed to speak. The villagers greet Khanderao. They give evidence that can be used against Shantaram. They allege that Shantaram beat Krishna a lot in the past, and Krishna is saying that this is the truth. Ahilya calls someone else. The man/Vaid ji states that Gomti used to come to me every other day to collect the lep/medicines, and that Krishna always had some wound scars on him. When I reprimanded her, she would yell to frame me; she did this to cover up her mistakes; she is a careless woman; she keeps falling; she gets hurt. Shantaram says that no one saw me beating her, which is correct; it’s Krishna who is plotting against me; when I reprimanded her, she would yell to frame me.

Krishna yells in an enraged manner. She claims that you have exceeded your limit this time and that you have also lifted your hand to my daughter. He challenges me to look him in the eyes and converse, saying that if I do so, he will threaten me in front of everyone. He loses his temper and admits that he assaulted the woman. Khanderao and everyone else watch the fight. Shantaram inquires as to what exactly is wrong with it. He engages in debate with her. You are disputing with me, so watch what I do as I demonstrate why he believes it is a wife’s duty to clean her husband’s feet. He exerts pressure on her hand. Gomti cries. The name Shantaram is yelled by Khanderao. He travels to Shantaram to retrieve a weapon from there. He always has it hanging around Shantaram’s neck. He says don’t think I have spared you, I would have beheaded you, but I didn’t do that, because then you would not have realised why you were punished, you will get punished for misbehaving with your wife, and you would not have imagined this punishment. He says don’t think I have spared you, I would have beheaded you, but I didn’t do that. The sword is then handed over to the guard. He ascends to his throne once more. The shlok is being chanted by him. He says that wherever a woman is worshipped, the gods will reside there, and the gods will be upset with your thinking. A man’s first and foremost responsibility is to respect every woman and treat her well; since a woman is the one who gives birth to a child, she is entitled to respect; how dare you speak ill of your wife? You look at Ahilya; she is Choti rani; she is also a woman; she manages the entire Rajya so well, and


Ahilya wants Shantaram to apologise. Shantaram is given a life sentence as a punishment by Khanderao.

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