Punyashlok Ahilya Bai (28 June 2022) Written Update [PAB]

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At the beginning of this episode, Ahilya says that she has something to say and that she wants to convey that Shantaram did something wrong with Krishna and that he should apologise to her first. Khanderao nods. She wants Shantaram to apologise to Krishna in front of them. Krishna says no need. According to Ahilya, this is necessary. Shantaram doesn’t say anything. Khanderao is quoted as saying, “I would punish him so severely that any male will consider one hundred times before offending any woman.” He gives Shantaram a sentence that lasts for the rest of his life. The tears of Shantaram. Gunu ji tries to calm Khanderao. Gautama looks for Ahilya. She claims Ahilya and the rest of the people are not in this location; where did they go? Krishna apologises. She explains that she is grateful for her support and that she worries for her, but she asks that Shantaram not be punished because he is her husband and she can’t imagine anything bad happening to him. Khanderao warns that if we abandon him, we cannot be sure of what he will do to you if you are still alive. She says I simply wanted that the same thing doesn’t happen with Gomti, I have no other expectation, I was terrified of my family breaking and stayed quiet, anyways I have courage today, I will take Gomti with me and travel elsewhere. Nobody in the village likes you; everyone views you with hatred; it was only Krishna who accepted your anger and bad behaviour; she loves you a lot even today; your real punishment is that you lose a woman like Krishna; Ahilya says you tortured her and broke her confidence; yet, she is pleading for your freedom. A woman can’t see anything wrong happening with her husband; a woman can’t see anything wrong happening with her husband; nobody in the village likes you; everyone views you with hatred; She claims that Khanderao will make the decision now; regardless of whether he frees Shantaram or puts him in jail, Shantaram will spend the rest of his life without his wife.

The tears of Shantaram. He offers his condolences to Krishna. Both Krishna and Gomti shed tears. He says that I won’t be able to live without you and Gomti, and that you should forgive me because I don’t want to be alone. Krishna says don’t mention this. He apologises to Gomti. Gomti is the one who apologises to her as well. She explains that she didn’t want either of you to be punished because she wanted the two of you to love and respect each other as much as Ahilya and Khanderao do. Ahilya inquires to Khanderao over whether or not he would provide Shantaram with an opportunity. Shantaram extends an apology to her. He assures me that I would not act irresponsibly and that I will fulfil my responsibilities satisfactorily. She is able to forgive him. She inquires of Khanderao regarding the legality of the statute that prohibits domestic violence. Gangoba is tasked by Khanderao with retrieving the documents. Gautama inquires about the whereabouts of all of the servants. According to the servant, all of the servants went to the darbar, where Ahilya is said to be obtaining justice for Krishna. Khanderao is quoted as saying, “I permit Ahilya’s revolutionary law, and I announce that it will begin to take effect from this point forward.” The name Ahilya is being chanted by the ladies. They are thanked by Ahilya. Khanderao puts his signature on the documents. Gangoba goes through the legal provisions that prohibit domestic violence. Gunu ji becomes enraged. Khanderao and Ahilya smile. She has a queasy feeling. He holds her.

Vaid examines Ahilya and reassures her that everything is in order and that she should not be concerned. He is leaving. Gautama congratulates you on establishing a new regulation for the behaviour of Malwa women but orders that you be confined to your room from this point on. Khanderao asserts that you will not accept any responsibility moving forward. Malhar appears and requests that the situation not deteriorate to the point that she needs to attend the darbar once more. He meets Ahilya. He wants to know how you are doing. She says good. Malhar tells Khanderao that you did the right thing by agreeing to the new law, but he doesn’t understand why Ahilya had to go to the darbar to discuss it. The slaves speak well of Ahilya and commend her for putting the law into practise. According to Parvati, it is now time for lunch. The lady assures us that lunch will be ready on time, but because we want to do something extra-special for Ahilya, we were wondering if you could lend a hand in adorning the table. Parvati nods. When she sees them, she gets irritated, and then she orders them to do all of these chores after she has cooked lunch. Dwarka looks on.


Ahilya inquires whether or not Malhar would obtain the genuine documents. Malhar questions Gunu ji directly.

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