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The Episode Start With:

Explaining that she want to speak with both Mohan and Radha, Kadambari says the following: Tulsi believes that now is the appropriate moment to have a conversation with them. Kaveri hurries to take a seat next to Damini and explains that she should not give up hope since the two of them would definitely find another method. Damini responds that there is no other option because she has exhausted all of the possibilities and because Guru maa was correct when she said that Radha is destined to be Mohan’s bride and that she can only be married to him. Radha is threatened by Kaveri, who says that she will not care about her since she will kick her out of the house. Damini responds that first he married Tulsi but did not even look at her with love. She was confident that this time Mohan would understand her emotions, but even now he did not do it for her love but simply because of Gungun. Damini remembers how he asked her if she would become the mother of Gungun.
Damini responds that she may have told him that she loved him, but ever since Radha came into their lives, he has not been able to take his attention off of her. She claims that on sometimes he may pick her up and even hug her, but that he has recently begun referring to her as his Radha. Damini admits that they have formed a family, and as a result, she is once again forced to fend for herself. Damini adds that she used a lot of effort, but she is now exhausted, and as a result, she is certain to have lost the war. She forces Damini to look at her and explains that she has fought with her destiny and they did not get anything, that she was ahead of Kadambari in everything even the studies, but she became a servant while her sister Kadambari lived like a princess. Kaveri slaps Damini and asks how easily she said that she lost it. She must not forget that she must marry Mohan and win the fight. Kaveri says that Damini must not forget that she must marry Mohan and When Damini asks if she can ask for it back, Kaveri explains that Kadambari is living their destiny. When Damini asks if she can ask for it back, Kaveri informs them that they should only snatch their right and that she must write it herself, and that she would have to get married with Mohan under any circumstance., Damini’s father abandoned them after her birth, so they were both forced to always live with Kadambari on her money. Kaver After Damini explains that she believes she has completely lost her mind and that she should tell them what they can do, Kaveri advises that they let her die, at which point Damini is taken aback.

She is about to reveal her desire when Kaveri comes running to her insistence that she come with her as there is something important, Tulsi says that Kaveri always comes at the worst possible moment, and she has no idea what Kaveri is up to. Mohan asks Kadambari what she wants to say and even Radha asks her to explain what she desires. Kadambari mentions that she feels it might seem a little awkward and even Damini would not like it but she even now does

Dadi steps in between them both and explains that she brought the Parshad for them because everything has been resolved in a positive way. Just as Kaveri is about to grab Kadambari, Kadambari asks her to calm down. However, Kaveri accidentally drops the Parshad, which enrages Kadambari. She grabs Kaveri and brings her into the room, where she questions her about her behaviour, pointing out that Maa jee had just given her the Parshad. Kaveri responds that she would now only like them and not worry about her own family. Kadambari retorts that it is not as Kaveri is imagining it to be, and while she acknowledges the many things Radha has done for their family, Kaveri inquires as to whether or not she is implying that they have not carried out any favours for her. When Kadambari inquires as to what it is that she is saying, Kaveri reacts by stating that Kadambari has forgotten the time that they stood by her and how much Damini has done for their family. Kadambari then asks what it is that she is saying. She is saying on getting Radha married to Mohan, but did she think what would happen to Damini and how she will feel, Kaveri explains. Kaveri explains that Kadambari is forgetting that she vowed to get Mohan married to Damini. Kaveri explains that Kadambari is forgetting that she vowed to get Mohan married to Damini. Kadambari asks her to calm down and listen to what she has to say because circumstances have significantly shifted, and if they continue to strain their relationships and try to continue living as they did in the past, they will not be able to. Kaveri retorts that it is not feasible since one thing has not changed, and that as a result, she is obligated to accompany her because she is going to prove it to her. When they ran into Dadi again, she asked if there was a problem and Kadambari kept inquiring what had happened. Kaveri, on the other hand, refused to acknowledge that she had also thrown the Parshad when Dadi mentioned it. Kaveri responds that she has already dropped it, but they begin squabbling just as Kadambari gestures for her to stop carrying on this talk.

Tulsi, seeing Kaveri, tries to warn Kadambari not to believe anything that Kaveri is saying because this would surely be a new drama. However, after Kaveri turns back after walking out of the house, Tulsi is once again thrown back into the house because of the protection shield. Kaveri then forces Kadambari to come with her hearing, which leaves Tulsi stunned and thinking about what new drama they will perform. Tulsi believes that they intend to keep her in the dark at all costs, whilst Kaveri believes that they would test her loyalty to see how long she continues to follow them.

She tries to wake Damini but is stunned seeing her look like it, she questions if Damini is fine who standing mentions Kadambari was right to say that Bhagwan has joined the relation of Radha and Mohan, she takes the cover off a portrait of Radha explaining she entered the house saying she just wanted to give the Geeta but she did not leave, yet she is still there. Kaveri pushes Kadambari to the store room when she asks what has happened.

While Gungun is praying in the temple, Radha and Mohan also come to stand with her. Gungun begins to smile upon seeing them both, and she thanks Bihari jee for his assistance.

Tulsi is concerned, and she wonders where Kaveri took Kadambari given that they are free to go to any level for their own advantage.
Damini explains that Gungun has always been antagonistic toward Radha, but that Radha has gently won her over to the point that Gungun cannot even breathe without her.

Tulsi, who is standing, proclaims that her fractured family has been complete once more due of Radha. She prays that the negative intentions of Kaveri and Damini do not cause any difficulty for them. Radha picks up the Thali and signals to Gungun to place the flowers in the Mandir.

Damini discloses Mohan despised Radha and wanted to kick her out of this house, but now he is willing to battle anyone for Radha. He used to be Radha’s Bhagwan, but now she is the one who serves as her spiritual leader.

Tulsi reveals that Radha is the one who once again brought Mohan close to Bihari jee. Radha is the one who brought Mohan close to Bihari jee. Tulsi tells Mohan and Radha that it is his job to ensure that they become a couple if they are going to complete the ceremonies in the Mandir together. Mohan visits the Mandir to offer his prayers.

Radha, upon seeing Mohan once again, begins to smile and prays. Damini says that Mohan did not believe in Bhagwan, but that something Radha did caused him to always pray to Bihari jee.

Damini rips another cover to reveal that she is going to describe how Gungun used to despise Mohan to the point where he never wanted to see even his face, but Gungun was able to resolve their problems. Tulsi exclaims that Mohan has already taken away her from Gungun, but then he sent Radha, so now must not take them away from each other, and he must not let the malicious intentions of Kaveri and Damini get the better of them. Mohan chooses Gungun to perform the tika, and Radha smiles with them. Tulsi says that Mohan must not let the evil intentions of Kaveri and Damini get the better of them.

Kadambari turns to see the screens turning on with the images of Radha with Mohan and Gungun. Damini explains that a girl came into this family and gave the boy a new life, it is a perfect story but there is also another girl in this story who has loved this boy since childhood, and she saw him marry someone else only to witness the death of that girl. Radha can do anything, according to Damini, so she asks Kadambari to see it. She witnessed the boy emotionally breaking down, and as a result, she did everything in her power to assist him in getting back on his feet. However, she did not have the best of luck, as the boy for whom she does everything does not regard her efforts, and as the boy is in love with another girl, even the boy’s mother believes that she is wrong. Damini reveals to Kadambari that she is in fact that girl, to which Kadambari responds that she should not say anything of the sort, to which Damini replies that she has not said anything to this point, and that Kadambari should instead refer to her as her aunt because Kadambari is not interested in becoming her mother-in-law. Damini then threatens Kadambari by suggesting that she should first read the news in the newspaper, which would say that a new girl named Rad

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