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Mohan walks over to the well while holding the wooden door over his head. He is able to hold it so that the well does not get wet, which causes Radha to start smiling when she sees what Mohan is willing to do in order to save his daughter.

When Kaveri asks Damini what kind of a problem she has created for them, Damini asks what kind of a problem Kaveri has created for them because if Gungun survives, it will mean that they will both die. Kaveri pushes Damini, who asks what she is doing when Kaveri asks what kind of a problem she has created for Kaveri responds that whenever they try to solve a little problem, it leads to an even more problem, so she does not know what to do. She explains that if Gungun is brought out of the well, she would tell Mohan the truth about Hriday, who would slit their throats like the Bhagwan Mohan did. Damini responds that she is aware of this, but Kaveri says that whenever they try to solve a little problem, it leads to an even more problem Damini asks her to stop because she is unable to think clearly, and Kaveri tells her that it is better for her not to think because it causes more problems; Hriday is the result of her thinking, so what was the need to bring that Hriday when she could have brought anyone from the street, and even the Dumbro would have been sufficient? Damini responds that there was a need to bring someone who would always accept their orders, but Kaveri explains that Hriday

Mohan is holding the door when Kadambari says that he has taken the stance of an admirable father in order to save his daughter. Mr. Trivedi says that their son has in fact become just like the Gridhari in order to save Gungun from the rain. Mohan starts to lose his balance when Mr. Trivedi rushes to hold the door seeing which he is relieved but then even Rahul comes to his aid holding the door on the other side.

When Kaveri tries to get Damini to understand why she shouldn’t even consider marrying Mohan, Damini asks her what she means and Kaveri explains that she means they should get married to someone they already have information about. However, when Kaveri listens to what Damini has to say, she gets the impression that Damini has no idea what Gungun’s father would do to save her, as he is currently holding the door open for her and may continue to do so until the end of time She believes that Mohan and Radha have begun to love each other because whenever Radha starts crying, Mohan comforts her and vice versa; because of this, she believes that the two of them will end up together in the end, even if Gungun is not able to be saved after the event in question. Damini begs her to stop talking about it and reassures her that she would never allow it to come to pass.

Lata exclaims that she is worried thinking about what he is going to do with him after Gungun is saved, while Hriday is standing there with his mother wondering where did he get so much strength as he is not even letting Gungun die in peace. Hriday is wondering how he got so much strength as he is not even letting Gungun die in peace.

Hriday asks Lata where she is taking him, and Lata responds that if Gungun comes out of the bore alive, then they will all perish, but it is best if they leave right now, and Hriday tells Lata not to worry about it because he cannot come out of the bore very well. Hriday tells her that there is a ghost in the house, upon hearing which she is shocked but then starts laughing exclaiming that he is joking with her, Hriday replies that there is actually a ghost in the house as everything that Damini and Kaveri told them is a lie, she asks how does he know about it when he reveals that he heard Kadambari talking with the ghost and she asked her to throw the vase if she does not know about the Lata explains that the girl who is in the well is being protected by a ghost, and Hriday asks her if she has ever considered taking the ghosts outside of the house whenever they need to communicate with them. Lata says that she has never given that any thought. As soon as Lata breaks into a smile, she proclaims that both she and her mother believe that they are extremely intelligent. Hriday’s response was that both of them would be responsible for the consequences of what they had done, as he planned to double the amount of money he deducted from Damini’s account as punishment for the lie.

Radha tells Gungun that the water has stopped coming, and Gungun tells Radha that her father is holding the gate to prevent the water from falling into the well. Radha tells Gungun that her Dadi was right when she said that fathers are the protection for their children, and she looks at Mohan with respect and love filling her eyes.

Damini, who was accompanied by Kaveri as they entered the location, came to the realisation that her mother had been telling the truth and that nothing or no one will ever be able to keep Radha and Mohan apart from one another because their lives were meant to be spent together. Damini responds that she saw how they both came together to save Gungun, and if they find out that she is the one behind it all, then he will definitely marry Radha. Kaveri then asks her what she is saying, and Damini says that she saw how they both came together to save Gungun. Kaveri asks her to take a deep breath, but she can’t help but wonder how she can do so when, after a protracted period of time, she has finally entertained the idea of marrying him. She was confident that their union would take place, but now everything is in shambles. Damini, in a state of confusion, explains how they must go and reveal the entire truth to Mohan, blaming Hriday for being the one behind it all. Kaveri asks her if she thinks that Hriday would stay quiet as he is also going to reveal the entire truth, after which Mohan would kill them as he vowed to do while he was finding Gungun. Damini responds that she does not believe Hriday will reveal the entire truth She is the one who will marry Mohan, despite Kaveri mentioning that she has lost a significant portion of her life and strength in order to match their Kundali. Kaveri explains that she is the one who brought Hriday into this house and that she must do something that would make him take the blame for it all after which Mohan would do whatever he feels like to him. Damini asks how it can happen when Kaveri explains that they must do something after which they would not get the blame and even when she marries Mohan, Kaveri explains that she is the one who brought Hriday into this house and that she must do something that would make Hriday walks over to them clapping and explains that they both have been trying to remove all of the stones from their path, but they are trying to betray them. Lata explains the game that they both are playing, and that they are already the master of such games. She instructs Hriday, who shows the messages that Damini sent including the payments, and before she can delete them, they have taken a screen shot of them. Kaveri starts smiling and explains that they both are on the same team and that she was just joking. Hriday responds that he knows she is the one who, if she does not have the keys to her daughter’s locker, would also throw her in a lake. Hriday instructs them to leave since the game has ended, and they both leave. Hriday vows to show them who the master is.

They all start to wonder from where the water is coming, and Ketki informs them that it is flowing from the side. They all start to get tense, wondering why it is not stopping, and Radha, after a while, becomes really tense, thinking about how they can stop it, and she is really worried. Gungun once again reports that the water is coming.


In this recap, Mohan will throw a rope for Gungun to grab and then tell him to grab the end of the rope. Hriday tells his mother that he came close to being able to save Gungun, and that he is now looking up at a live wire with the intention of shocking them. Hriday manipulates the wire to his advantage. Radha saves Mohan by pushing him away from the wire, but she herself is then unable to escape once it has wrapped around her.

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