Radha Mohan [17th August 2022] Written Update

Radha Mohan 17th August 2022 Written Update on writtenlab.com

Gungun makes a distress call to Radha because her hand is getting wet and she is having trouble maintaining her grip on the rope. Mohan pulled on the rope while simultaneously screaming out to Gungun to stay on the rope. When Gungun emerged from beneath the surface, it was a glimmer of optimism in an otherwise hopeless situation. Gungun yells out that she is losing control of her hand. Mohan is being urged by everyone to pull himself together as quickly as possible. Gungun loses his hand when the rope snaps while it is still around his wrist. The aftermath of Gungun’s passing is marked by an extended period of silence.

Mohan seizes the opportunity and makes a desperate attempt to speak with Gungun through the pipe. It appeared that Gungun had fallen asleep. Tulsi was overcome with emotion for Gungun inside the room, and she began to cry.

The inability of the rescue squad to save Gungun from the bore hole was widely publicised in the media. Radha inquires about the situation with Mohan on why Gungun won’t move. She yells at him to save Gungun, and he ignores her. Tulsi breaks down into tears and asks Gungun to say anything to comfort her. Gungun can hear Tulsi. Kevari begins to sob for Gungun, but Radha throws her an angry glare.

A lullaby that Radha used to sing to Gungun in the past has come back to her and she sings it to him now. We are keeping our fingers crossed that Tulsi will show up on the balcony. Mohan recalls that Tulsi had written the lullaby for their unborn child when they were still together. By the time the lullaby has come to an end, Gungun flinches and opens both of her eyes.

In the presence of Kevari, Damini gives Hriday a slap across the face. She is mystified as to how he could dare to stand in for Mohan. Hriday pushes her hand away and slaps her across the face in response. Kevari was completely taken aback by his behaviour. Another one of Hriday’s slaps lands on Damini’s face. Kevari stands up to Hriday, only to find herself on the receiving end of a smack herself. He draws a knife and launches an assault on the ladies. His mother is the one who puts a stop to it. Hriday was adamant that he convey to the women the information that he is documented as being one of the most notorious criminals in Hariana. He is responsible for five homicides and twelve rapes, according to the records. Instead of Damini bringing him here for her own advantage, he came here on his own initiative in search of a place to conceal himself. He has indicated that he is not interested in the ten lacs that she has offered. Radha is the only person that catches his attention. As soon as he has Radha under his control, he will take her to the market and sell her.

Mohan is given the opportunity to be persuaded by the major that their efforts up to this point have been fruitless. Because the ground beneath them is saturated, it’s possible that they won’t be able to assist Gungun.

Hriday and his mother inform Damini and Kevari that they are to blame for the trouble that has come to their house since they welcomed it. Hriday has now put a dagger to Damini’s neck and is making threats to teach her a lesson about it. He was unwavering in his determination to wed Radha no matter the expense. He orders Kevari to go outside and fabricate a story about how her daughter’s life is in jeopardy so that he can gain some attention.

The physician reports that Gungun is having trouble breathing at this time. Tulsi is inconsolable as she struggles to take another breath. Before they are unable to save the girl, the physician instructs the rescue crew to administer oxygen into the coma patient’s breathing tube.

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