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The Episode Start With:

They can once again begin digging the hole when Mohan mentions that the rescue plan failed so that they can do so when the major mentions that it has become difficult because it would get dark really soon and the mud is also really wet, the doctor mentions that there has been a problem since Gungun is breathing but is having really difficult, and he asks them to put the oxygen mask in the well as soon as possible because if she is not able to breathe properly then they will not be able to do anything, Gungun is unable to move, but after some time she begins to gently open her eyes, which causes everyone in the room to let out a sigh of relief. The doctor then asks everyone in the room to aim it in the direction that is straight ahead.
Radha, Mohan, and Kadambari tell Gungun to take many deep breaths. Tulsi, who is leaning on the floor, also asks Gungun to breathe. Radha asks Gungun to say something, and as soon as the doctor says that she is able to breathe normally, everyone in the room begins clapping. Tulsi, who had been sitting and praising Bihari jee for helping Gungun, suddenly heard the voice of her mother and stood up. As her mother questioned where Gungun was, Tulsi’s eyes welled up with tears. Her mother was about to leave when Tulsi called her, so she mistook Tulsi’s call for a call from her daughter. Tulsi sat back down and continued her praise of Bihari jee. When she turns around, she sees Kadambari standing in front of her. Narmida asks Kadambari why they have not been able to bring her out till now, and Kadambari responds that she is going to take her to Gungun.

Mohan is not able to see it so he assures Narmida that he would surely bring his daughter out of the well, Narmida pushing him back questions what does he think of himself since he is a murderer as he first killed his wife and not his daughter, and Kadambari questions what is she saying since mr. Mohan is not able to see it. Mohan is not able to see it so he assures Narmida that they would surely bring Gungun She believes that if they did not have the ability to take responsibility for their actions, then they should have given her custody of the child because in that scenario, they would not have been in such a predicament. Kadambari reassures Narmida that this is not the case because Mohan genuinely cares about Gungun. When Narmida asks her why she despises him, she responds that she did not realise that the curse, which was intended for Mohan, would actually hurt Gungun. Mohan remembers how, after they had lost the lawsuit, she blamed him, saying that he would never get the affection of a daughter and that he would yearn to see her face. Radha, who is sitting in front of Mohan, reassures him that there is nothing to worry about as Gungun’s Grandmother is just tensed so he must not take it to his heart. Mohan responds that she is telling the truth as he first lost Tulsi and would now also lose Gungun, and he proclaims that if something were to happen to Gungun today, he would not be able to continue living. Mohan kneels down as he is emotionally broken
When the doctor who is coming to the major explains that she only has two hours left, he yells that they would not be able to do anything in that time and that they must begin the operation as soon as possible since she would not be able to survive any longer. Radha, upon hearing these things, runs away as quickly as she can, while Narmida accuses Mohan of being a murderer and warns that if something were to happen to Gungun, then he would be accused for two deaths. Kadambari orders her to stop talking like that. While they are all disputing, Mohan does not answer. Radha, who is seated in front of Mohan, tells him not to think about what Narmida is saying since she does not know what type of a person he is and that she would tell them all if they asked her if she knew what sort of a person he was. She asks him if he understands why Abhimanyu was unable to get out of that circumstance, and he tells her that Abhimanyu did not have Mohan, however she and Gungun both had Mohan jee, thus he should not give up hope. Mohan asks her what he is saying since he is unable to comprehend it, and she tells him that he is in control of everything, including what happens to her and Gungun, and that she is confident that he would not allow her to pass away because he is her Bhagwan. Mohan jee is there with her. She gives the rope to Mohan jee, who takes it in his arms and stands up as she gets the rope attached to herself. Mohan suddenly remembers that Radha claimed he controls everything, including her life and Gungun’s, and Radha begins to make her way back slowly. When Tulsi sees Radha approaching the well and wonders what she is going to do, Mohan is observing while the rope is running through his hand. Tulsi asks Radha to refrain from doing anything that could put Mohan in danger. When everyone else is busy, Radha descends into the well on her own. While Radha is falling, Mohan is sitting there seemingly out of his mind. Meanwhile, Radha asks Gungun to call her name as she is coming to her, and Gungun does so.
When Mohan sees the rope going through his arm, he finally remembers what Radha said: that he would not let her die, but he is so tormented that he does not when it eventually leaves his hand. When Mohan sees that the rope is about to fall, he manages to catch it at the edge; Kadambari sees Mohan kneeling and yells his name; the major rushes to catch him when he starts shouting the name of Radha, They are successful in extracting him from the cave. Gungun breaks down into tears upon seeing Radha, during which Gungun mentions that she is really scared, so she must take her out, but Radha reassures Gungun that this is why she came here. Gungun then asks Radha why she came here, because now they would both be trapped, to which Radha responds that nothing would happen.

The major asks what is going on here because they are creating another problem because she does not know that she might cause the child to become trapped inside and lead to her death, the reporters start blaming Radha for being the reason that Gungun might die since she jumped in there without thinking about anything so is she going to be the reason for the death of Gungun since she jumped in there without thinking about anything else so is she going to be the reason for the death of Gungun?

Mohan says that he is going to pull her out, but Radha says that she will not come out without Gungun because she is really scared and tense. Mohan does not want to accept it, but Radha threatens to cut off the rope if they try to pull her out. Mohan says that he will not be able to forgive himself if anything happens to her, and Radha says that she is confident that nothing will happen because she has him by her side.

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