Radha Mohan [1st December 2022] Written Update

Radha Mohan 1st December 2022 Written Update On Writtenlab.com

Radha Mohan [1st December 2022] Written Update

In Radha Mohan, Radha explains that all this is only because of Damini. Radha is shocked when she explains that she knows that she is indeed in the Gungan case, but that doesn’t mean she has to ruin her life by marrying someone so bad. her ears are asking if she is speaking out of her ears, Radha is nervous so she is about to explain but realizes she is crying and asks why. Mohan explains that she remembers the person she hated the most in this world.

Radha who listens to her favorite song and remembers it as the last thread of her relationship will break after marrying Damini, some relationships may never end because both love and hate are two sides of the same coin, they tend to hate the person they love . He knows he truly loves Tulsi and his actions mean it.


Tulsi asks Radha not to waste any more time and clarify the truth, Kaveri who is standing at the door shouts that she doesn’t feel that Radha is telling the truth, otherwise there would be a storm in this house, Radha sees her tears and asks, okay, Mohan really misses Tulsi today and asks. She says she felt like she met Tulsi when she was in the hospital. Rahul asks if Mohan started talking to the ghosts, Kaveri whispers to Damini that Rahul didn’t know that Tulsi hits them sometimes.

Mohan talks about standing in front of Tulsi and even trying to say something. Tulsi and then she shouldn’t marry Damini and Mohan asks what Mohan said, Radha explains that love has meaning and leads to enlightenment. Kaveri curses Radha to die of thirst in a fire so that she realizes that she never loved Damini as her eyes never saw that feeling.

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Mohan confesses that he doesn’t love Damini, but he actually loves someone else. Tulsi cries when she realizes that Mohan also loves Radha. Rahul asks if Mohan said he loves someone else, Kaveri is going to take Radha’s name but says he doesn’t know anything about it. Mohan still says that he loves only Tulsi and thinks that love will never happen again. Tulsi says she’s wrong when she re-enters her love life, but she just needs to open her eyes.

Radha then asks why she married Damini Mohan replies as she vowed to marry him and not only her but also Maa because even Damini is the daughter of someone exactly like Gungun, so Radha should consider if she will ever refuse to marry Gungun. Mohan explains that before their wedding and that he won’t do anything so bad that if the relationship in their society breaks down, the girl is always blamed, he thinks it’s wrong and that’s why he won’t do it to Damini. Tulsi yells that Damini took advantage of her good behavior.

Radha screams out what she is trying to say but Mohan says that is enough so she has to go Radha tries to beg her to listen to her but Mohan says they talk a lot about Tulsi so she should leave without taking her anger out on Tulsi. . She asks him to listen, but tells him to leave. Radha starts walking slowly towards the door, Damini and Kaveri hide. She screams that it is about tonight, when her life will be filled with darkness, because tomorrow morning she will reveal her truth.

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She leaves when Rahul asks Kaveri what truth Radha is talking about, Kaveri asks her to go and sleep. Gungan says she doesn’t know but thinks it could have been on the bus, Radha assures her that she will get better so she brings the cream. she applied. by injury. Day asks what kind of cream it is, Radha says that everyone in the family should buy this cream as it is a cream that everyone can use.

Radha explains that this cream also brightens the skin and relieves ankle pain. So everyone should get it, Gungan excitedly shouts that everyone should get it, Radha explains that it even comes in a small package, Gungan assures that she will even tell her friends about it.

Kaveri in the room mentions that they need to do something with Radha before she tells the truth, Damini says she tried to stop her but Tulsi was there to protect her, Kaveri screams when she is not alone even before because that Ajit calls her his sister.

Ketki thinks the same, mentions that Mr. Trivedi really likes her as she is his friend’s daughter, even Kadambari is no longer on their side, he knows that if Mohan didn’t keep his vow, he would gladly go to marry Radha. Damini screams that she plans to end Radha’s life tomorrow morning if she has no one else to accompany her.

Radha sees Mohan looking at Tulsi’s portrait, Mohan says Ji really loves Tulsi and leaves, Mohan feels Radha standing there but immediately puts it all on Tulsi yelling that he can’t understand it.

Radha Mohan 1st November 2022 Written Episode:

Mohan sincerely talks about his love, but why does he blame her, Mohan screams that she is glad that Radha appeared in their life, even Tulsi agrees, but still says that he cannot express his feelings, Mohan screams that he feels that he gives her orders, so she leaves.

She rushes to perform the ritual immediately while Damini and Kaveri put a pill in the water, when they see an opportunity, they hide when Gungun starts screaming thinking about it. he saw them both somehow Gungan talks in his sleep, Radha comforts him assuming no one is there but then he feels he saw someone, Radha goes to the window to see but then drinks water.

Radha immediately starts to feel a sore throat so even as she sits down Damini smiles and wonders how she thinks to end her relationship with Mohan, she has to pay the price and die, Radha is in so much pain.


Radha sleeps. Mohan, I should have listened to you earlier, you don’t know how much you mean to me, I can’t tell you either, apologizes to her, gets up and sees white foam coming from Radha’s mouth.

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