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The Episode Start With:

Mohan approaches Radha and places his hand on top of her head before making a solemn oath to Bihari je that he will now be responsible for Radha. He promises that he will not allow anything bad to happen to Radha, that he will never make her cry, that he will take responsibility for everything that is connected to Radha, and that he will continue to fulfil this responsibility until the very end of his life. When Kadambari learns this, she feels a sense of relief, and at the same time, Dadi begins to cry out of happiness. Ajit and Ketki grin when they see Mohan. Radha is at a loss for words and can only stand there starring at Mohan. After a time, Mohan walks out of the room, which leaves Radha in a state of shock.
During the night, Kadambari explains that people are sometimes so blinded by love that they end up destroying everything; she then apologises to him and asks why he is still upset considering that everything has been worked out. Mohan explains that everything is fine and that they have not been able to catch Hriday, so Kadambari assures Mohan that Shekar will catch him. Mohan explains that everything is fine and asks Kadambari if she has ever wondered how Hriday knew everything about their family the first time they met and he behaved in exactly the same manner. Mohan explains that Rameshwar and Dadi did not know anything about him but he was aware of everything.

Radha is making her way slowly to her room when she recalls what Mohan said earlier: that she is a really nice girl, and that her boys would want to marry her. She then sits in front of Bihar jee and inquires about what Mohan jee said earlier: that he promised to take all of her responsibilities and do everything that is possible for her future, but she is unsure of what he meant by this. Radha continues to make her way to her room. Tulsi, who is standing behind her, explains that although Mohan stated everything today, Radha is unable to understand what he meant. Therefore, Mohan should make Radha understand that this feeling is not love so that she can move on. Radha is reminiscing about the time Mohan held her and the way he scooped her up at the factory as she sits on the bed thinking about it.

Gungun notices Radha smiling as she comes to the door, but she is unable to comprehend what Radha is experiencing because she is also crying. Gungun asks Radha whether she is crying or smiling, and in response, Radha wipes away her tears.

As Kadambari gets up to go, she signals to Damini and Kaveri that they should also get up and leave since, if Mohan’s suspicion is correct, then they will without a doubt discover who committed the crime.

Kadambari seeing Damini calls her from behind; she explains that she was calling her so why did she not come; Kadambari sees that she is tense so she wonders if she has to say something. Damini explains that she was calling her so why did she not come. Damini says that while she acknowledges Radha’s efforts on their behalf, she does not believe that Mohan should take on any of her responsibilities. Damini also acknowledges Radha’s concern for them, but asks how much longer she plans to remain in this location given that she is still considered a guest. Kadambari explains that Radha did a lot for their family and protected Gungun by placing not only her life but also her honour in danger. This is something that even Radha’s own family could not have done for Gungun, so if even now Radha is not a part of their family, then no one is. Kadambari believes that Radha should be a member of their family. She explains that she is advising Kadambari as an older sister that whatever Radha has done for Gungun could not have been done by anyone else but she also knows that a daughter and guest cannot stay forever so with what reason are they stopping Radha, she explains that she said what she feels was right but it is now up to Kadambari, and while she is looking at Mohan holding the photo of Gungun, she mentions that she has found an excuse with which she can stop her but she does not know

Radha responds by saying everything is fine, but why is Gungun asking this? Gungun explains that Radha was first smiling, and then crying, and then she did both, so is she feeling sad. Radha then asks Gungun to tell her what happened. Gungun asks Radha to tell her what happened. Radha says everything is fine, but why is Gungun asking this? Rad Tulsi elaborates on the fact that she is experiencing love. Radha questions whether or not Gungun remembers that she turned down the marriage proposal. Gungun discloses that she has a way, and as a result, she carries the drawing book with her. She then goes on to tell that her mother thinks she is a brilliant artist, and that she is going to draw a picture of the individual. Radha begins her explanation by stating that he should have a very big heart and must take care of everyone. In addition, he should be the follower of Bihari jee. Gungun explains that she is drawing his face rather than his heart, while Radha says that she did not think about it in that way.

Radha begins to explain that he should have love in his eyes, must have a small beard along with short hairs which are not too long, his nose should be huge along with his cheeks, and finally, his grin must be like that which would make everyone smile. Tulsi claims that she is familiar with someone who has this face; Gungun is very tense when Radha takes the photo; Gungun explains that the man in the photo is Mohan; Tulsi asks Radha if she wants to marry him; Gungun tries to ask her, but she doesnot reply, forcing her to sleep; Radha takes the photo out of the album as Gungun falls asleep; Tulsi then claims that she should understand it now because even Gungun painted the portrait

Tulsi reassures Gungun that she has nothing to worry about because Radha is with her. She then contacts Mohan, who wants to hold Gungun, but she pushes him away. Gungun continues to have nightmares about the day that Hriday threw her in the well, which causes her to start screaming. Mohan is taken aback when he hears Gungun pleading with Radha to save her. Radha then asks Mohan to call the doctor, and he does the same thing. Mohan is startled.

Radha immediately covers the wet spot on the bed once she notices that Gungun has wet it while Mohan is standing nearby. While the physician is examining Gungun, Radha summons him and shows him the wet bed. He explains how he mentioned she was suffering from PTSD, how she would be fine but whenever she would close her eyes then would remember the incident, Radha explains this means she would not be able to sleep peacefully but for how long, the doctor reveals that he does not know anything about it, and Mohan questions what has happened. He explains how he mentioned she was suffering from PTSD, how she would be fine but whenever she would close her eyes then would remember the incident. Mohan questions what has happened Mohan also asks him whether there is anything that the two of them can do about the situation.

Damini asks if they can give her any injection, and the doctor responds that he would not advise it because she might become accustomed to it. The doctor agrees to Damini’s request, but Radha refuses, stating that Gungun might become accustomed to it, and that she would not permit it. Mohan also agrees with Radha’s position. Damini, on the other hand, is adamantly opposed to the idea of bringing up the fact that the physician stated that it is perfectly safe, to which Radha responds that he even stated that she might become accustomed to it. Kadambari tells Mohan that they need to find a solution because Gungun is restless. Kaveri suggests that they should give her turmeric milk. Kadambari responds that she would not drink it and asks what they should do instead. Damini once again suggests that they should give her the injection, and Mohan glares angrily at her. Kadambari tells Mohan that they need to find a solution because Gungun is restless.

Radha explains that she has found a solution, as Mohan used to play the flute when Tulsi jee was unable to sleep, so he would have to once again pick it up but this time for Gungun. Kaveri and Damini both get furious hearing the suggestions, and Mohan leaves the room in anger, which stuns Radha, who is tense.


Mohan tells Radha that up until this point in his life, he has only bowed down in front of two people, namely his mother and his sister Tulsi. He then sits in front of Radha and tells her that the next person will be her. The mother takes in their appearance and wonders whether Mohan has found the perfect Radha for him.

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